Hon. Ebil Vs Ocen (Election Petition Appeal No. Oo17 & 21 of 2017) [2017] UGCA 104 (29 November 2017)

Civil Procedure|Appeals and reviews
Case summary
The learned justice observed that election petitions are matters of public policy and as stipulated in the Rules require expeditious prosecution of petitions and appeal s arising from the same. He further observed that given the memorandum of appeal was filed in the court without jurisdiction, it was thus viod and illegal and the court could not validate an illegality. The learned justice also stated that the applicant had taken an inordinate delay to file the application. it was stated that the court had created a lot of uncertainty in the interpretation of the election rules overtime and called upon court to set the record straight as far as interpretation of the Rules. The application was thereby dismissed by the learned justice.

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