Mbarara Municipality (Professionals) Bye-laws, 2005


Date of promulgation: 

22 June 2005





  1. Title.
  2. Objectives.
  3. Application.
  4. Interpretation.
  5. Permit.
  6. Fees.
  7. Permit not to be transferred.
  8. Offences.
  9. Penalty.
  10. Premises.
  11. Suspension cancellation of permit
  12. Revocation.


2005 No. 69. The Mbarara Municipality (Professionals) Bye-laws, 2005.

(Under section 39(1) of the Local Governments Act, Cap. 243)

In exercise of the powers conferred upon the Mbarara Municipal Council by subsection (1) of section 39 of the Local Governments Act, these bye-laws are enacted this 22nd day of June, 2005.

  1. Title

These Bye-laws may be cited as the Mbarara Municipality (Professionals) By­laws, 2005.

  1. Objectives

These Bye-laws are intended to provide for raising revenue for the provision and maintenance of services to persons dealing in professional jobs, work and services within the Municipality but are exempt from taking out licences and permits under the Trade Licensing Act and the fees paid by them to their professional regulatory bodies are not remitted to or shared in by the Council.

  1. Application

These Bye-laws shall apply to the area of jurisdiction of Mbarara Municipality.

  1. Interpretation

In these Bye-laws, unless the context otherwise requires—

“council” means Mbarara Municipal Council;

“municipality” means the Municipality of Mbarara;

“professional job, work or services” includes, job, works or services engaged in by doctors, nurses, midwives, technicians, lawyers, accountants, auditors, architects, consultants, banks, financial institutions, surveyors, insurers and the like;

“permit” means a permit issued under these Bye-laws;

“currency point” shall be the equivalent of twenty thousand Uganda shillings.

  1. Permit
  1. The Council may on application grant a permit to a person who wishes to engage in a professional job within the municipality for a period and subject to conditions that it may decide.

(2) Every permit so issued shall expire on the 31st day of December.

  1. Fees

The fees payable under this Bye-law for a permit to engage in a professional jobs, works or services within the municipality shall be as in the schedule hereto.

  1. Permit not to be transferred

A permit issued under these Bye-laws shall not be let, hired, sold or assigned to any person other than to a person to whom it is issued.

  1. Offences

A person commits an offence if—

  1. he engages in any professional job, work or service within the

Municipality without a valid permit from the Council;

  1. he contravenes any condition attached to the permit;
  2. he refuses or fails without reasonable excuse to produce the permit when

required by a Council agent or authorised officer.

  1. Penalty

(1) A person who commits an offence under this Bye-law is liable on conviction, to a fine not exceeding two currency points or to imprisonment not exceeding six months or both.

  1. In the case of non-natural person the term of imprisonment under this Bye-laws shall be imposed on the natural person in charge, by whatever designation he or she is known.
  1. Premises

The premises of the person who commits an offence shall be subject to closure until full compliance.

  1. Suspension cancellation of permit

In the case of an offence committed under Bye-law 8(b) in addition to any other penalty the permit shall be suspended or cancelled.

  1. Revocation

The Mbarara Municipality (Miscellaneous) Bye-laws, 1994 (S.I. 136/1994) is amended by revocation of bye-law 13.



Bye-law 6

  1. The following Banks shall each pay Shs. 1,000,000= (One Million) per annum for a permit to operate in the Municipality.
  1. Stanbic Bank Ltd;
  2. Bank of Baroda Ltd;
  3. Nile Bank Ltd;
  4. DFCU Bank Ltd;
  5. Standard Chartered Bank; f) Bank of Uganda; and

(g) Centenary Rural Development Bank.

  1. The following telecommunication services providers shall each pay Shs. 1,000,000= (One million) per annum for a permit to operate in the Municipality.
  1. MTN;
  2. CelTel;
  3. Mango; and
  4. Uganda Telecom Ltd.
  1. The following service providers shall each pay Shs. 1,000,000= (One million) per annum for a permit to operate in the Municipality.
  1. National Water and Sewerage Corporation;
  2. Umeme Limited;
  3. Uganda Post Limited; and
  4. National Social Security Fund.
  1. The following institutions shall each pay Shs. 500,000= (Five Hundred Thousand) per annum for a permit to operate in the Municipality.
  1. Finca (U) Ltd;
  2. Kamukuzi Village Trust;
  3. Ankole Traders and Farmers Savings and Credit Society;
  4. Uganda Women Trust Bank;
  5. Pride (U) Ltd; and f) Post Bank Ltd.
  1. For a permit to operate in the Municipality in a professional job, work or service other than those indicated in (1), (2), (3) and (4) above the fee shall be Shs. 200,000= (Two Hundred Thousand) per annum.

PASSED by the Mbarara Municipal Council, this 10th day of September, 2004.

TUMWINE WILSON, Chairperson, Mbarara Municipal Council.