Income Tax (Amendment) Act, 2017


Short title: 

Income Tax (Amendment) Act

Date of assent: 

13 June 2017

Date of promulgation: 

30 June 2017

Date of commencement: 

1 July 2017

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Long title: 

An Act to amend the Income Tax Act, Cap. 340 to provide for the exemption from payment of income tax on income accrued by a body established by an Act of Parliament to regulate the conduct of professionals; to provide for the exemption from tax of the income of Bujagali Hydro Power Project up to 30th June 2022; to provide for deduction of initial allowance for certain capital investments outside a radius of fifty kilometres from the boundaries of Kampala; to provide for transactions between associates to reflect the chargeable income realised in an arm’s length transaction; to empower the minister to issue estimates of rent for the purposes of assessing rental tax; to provide for advance tax in respect of specified transport services; to exempt Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies from paying income tax up to 30th June 2027; to provide for a limit on the interest payable on unpaid tax; to provide for a rate of withholding tax on winnings from gaming and pool betting; to amend the formula for assessing the value of the benefit of a vehicle provided to an employee wholly or partly for a private purpose; and for related matters.