Electoral Commission (Amendment) Act, 2002, 2002


Short title: 

Electoral Commission (Amendment) Act, 2002

Date of promulgation: 

2 January 2002

Date of commencement: 

30 November 2001

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Text Box: Section.
Short title and commencement.

Amendment of section 25 of Act No. 3 of 1997.

An Act to amend the Electoral Commission Act, 1997.

Date of Assent: 2nd January, 2002.

Date of commencement: See Section 1.

Be it enacted by Parliament as follows—

  1. Short title and commencement.

This Act may be cited as the Electoral Commission (Amendment) Act, 2002 and shall be deemed to have come into force on the 30th day of November, 2001.

  1. Amendment of section 25 of Act No. 3 of 1997..

Section 25 of the Electoral Commission Act, 1997, is amended by inserting immediately after subsection (1) the following new subsection—

“(la) In the case of the elections to be held for local government councils in January and February, 2002, for the period not less than twenty one days, referred to in subsection (1) for the display of a copy of the voters’ roll, there shall be substituted, not less than ten days”.