The Uganda Gazette Vol. CXII No. 31 (5 July 2019)



Marriage Act Notices ….1257-1258

Advocates Act Notices ……..1258-1259

Companies Act Notices …..1260

Parliamentary elections Act Notices …..1261

Kampala city council authority Act Notices …..1262-1268

Architects Act Notices …….1269

Copy right and neighboring rights Regulations Notices …..1269-1270

Control of private security organizations Regulations Notices ……1270

Mining Act Notices …..1270-1271

Local Governments (Rate) Act Notices …..1271

Trademarks Act Registrations of Applications ….1271-1301

Advertisements …..1301-1340



No. 16 the National social security fund (amendment) Bill, 2019

Statutory instruments

No. 44 the Uganda wild life(kibale national park ) regulations 2019

No. 45 the Uganda wildlife (Mt. Elgon national park) Regulations, 2019

No. 46 the Uganda wild life (Mgahinga gorilla national park) Regulations 2019

No. 47 the Uganda national wild life (Bwindi impenetrable national park) Regulations, 2019

No. 48 Insurance appeals tribunal Regulations, 2019

No. 49 the Mining (licensing) Regulations, 2019

No. 50 the University and other tertiary institutions (establishment of Nakawa vocational training collage) Instrument, 2019

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