Witness Testimony

Uganda v Lubowa (HCT-06-CR-SC-0046 OF 2013) [2016] UGHCCRD 31 (16 May 2016);


Search Summary: 

The Accused was indicted with the offence of  aggravated defilement. It was alleged that he performed sexual intercourse with a person under 14 years of age.

Court considered whether it could convict the accused basing on the evidence of a single identifying witness.

Headnote and Holding: 

Court ruled that the law is that a court ought not to base a conviction on uncorroborated evidence of a single identifying witness without warning itself of the danger of so doing.

Court held that  the identification evidence was sufficiently corroborated by the admitted fact that the accused was in the area where the defilement took place from on the day in issue, and that he had a motor cycle which he left at the place.

The court accordingly found the accused guilty and convicted him as charged.





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