Bank of Baroda (U) Ltd v Wilson Buyonjo Kamugunda ((Civil Appeal 10 of 2004) ) [2006] UGSC 4 (17 January 2006);


Search Summary: 

This is a second appeal. It arose from the
decision of the Court of Appeal which
overturned the judgment of the trial judge
which had dismissed a suit instituted by the
respondent to recover Ugx 80m/= from the
appellant that had been withdrawn by the
respondent fraudulently.

Headnote and Holding: 

The court held that the
bank was negligent in not verifying the
identities of the two strangers before allowing
those strangers to open an account upon which
they deposited the cheque for shs 80m/=. This
amount by ordinary standard was a huge
amount of money. It should have aroused the
curiosity of the defendant.


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