Ex Parte Order

G.W. Nsobya & Anor v Uganda Posts and Telecommunications Employees Cooperative Savings and Credit Society Ltd ((HCT-00-CC-CS-0708 of 2002)) [2005] UGCOMMC 6 (9 March 2005);


Search Summary: 

The plaintiffs were employees of the defendant
and had accounts upon which deductions from
their salary was deposited on monthly basis.
When they stopped working with the defendant
,they were denied access but were given only
shs 500,000 each. Although court process
service was effected on the defendant did not
appear and the suit proceeded ex parte.

Headnote and Holding: 

The court considered whether the plaintiffs
succeeded on balance of probabilities in
proving their claim. The court found that the
plaintiffs were workers of the defendant and
they were deducted savings from their
salaries.the court having found that their
evidence was unchallenged by the defendant,
the court was satisfied with the proof.
Consequently shs 500,000 was awarded on
each as general damages for inconveniences
suffered for denial of their moneys.


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