Breach of Contract

Nagoya Co Ltd Vs The Republic Trustees of Kampala Archdiocese (CIVIL SUIT NO 707 OF 2015) [2017] UGCOMMC 89 (29 August 2017);


Headnote and Holding: 

The plaintiff was contracted to supply a fleet of vehicles to the defendant. The parties agreed that the plaintiff would supply the vehicles on the specified date of the launch of a fundraising drive; as the cars were required as prizes in a lottery. Upon delivery, the defendant was to ensure that 100% of the purchase price was paid within two weeks after the launch.

The plaintiff supplied four vehicles timeously but the remaining were allegedly delivered late. The defendant subsequently failed to make payment for the vehicles. The plaintiff filed an action for breach of contract. The issue before the court was whether the defendant was liable for breach of contract and whether the plaintiff was entitled to the remedies sought.

This court held that the loss which the plaintiff claimed to have incurred was self-inflicted. This court found the plaintiff’s suit had no merit and suite was dismissed. The reason being that the plaintiff’s evidence was said to not proven supply of vehicles and breach of contract on the defendant's part.


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