Nabukera Vs Kibuule (ELECTION PETITION N0. 0017 OF 2011) [2011] UGHCCD 1 (30 May 2011);


Search Summary: 

The petitioner accompanied her petition with 20 affidavits. The respondent raised a preliminary objection to strike out 18 of the petitioner’s affidavits that they do not disclose the name of the Commissioner for Oaths in the jurat. However, they had a seal of court that they were sworn before a magistrate.

Headnote and Holding: 

Court applied article 126 (2)(e) of the Constitution and held that the defects that are pointed out are curable because the petition is in public interest and the omission of the magistrate who appended his signature and seal but not his name should not be visited on the deponents.


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