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Vol. CXIII No. 80 7th December, 2020 Price: Shs. 5,000
CONTENTS PaGE target of 300,000 new connections per year; the high
The Electricity Act—Notice ... aes .. 2515-2516 number ofnew connections requires a correspondingly
The Commissioner for Oaths (Advocates) high budget provision from Government which has
Act—Notice a ws ae Shs 2516 become a challenge, especially under the COVID-19
The Advocates Act—Notices au 255 22516 conditions with many competing demands:

SUPPLEMENTS WHEREAS of recent there have been connection
delays due to limited funds which has affected the
I eg if Ne Ice quality of service by electricity distribution service
No, 8 —The Uganda National Bureau of Standards providers:
(Declaration of Compulsory Standard Specification)
AND WHEREAS there is need to ensure that
(No. 2) Notice, 2020.
electricity connections continue; especially for those
who have the capacity to pay for their connections,
CORRIGENDUM while maintaining the free connections provision of
This is to notify the general public that S.1. No. 138—The the Electricity Connections Policy for members of the
Traffic and Road Safety (Motor Vehicle Inspection)
community with limited capacity to meet electricity
connection charges:
(Amendment) Regulations, 2020 in The Uganda Gazette
Vol. CXIII No. 79 of 4th December, 2020 in the Supplements
Section was re-published in error. The correct Statutory
Instrument Number was already published as: S.I. No. 137 NOW THEREFORE, the following Policy Direction
The Traffic and Road Safety (Motor Vehicle Inspection) is given to the Electricity Regulatory Authority (the
(Amendment) Regulations, 2020 in The Uganda Gazette Authority) to observe and implement-
Vol. CXIII No. 77 of 27th November, 2020. (1) The Authority is hereby directed to continue
providing free connections to consumers when
General Notice No. 1515 of 2020 funds and connection materials are available
as provided for in the Electricity Connections
IMPLEMENTATION OF THE ELECTRICITY (2) Notwithstanding paragraph (1), the Authority
CONNECTIONS POLICY is directed to allow new consumers to pay
(Under section 17 of the Electricity Act, 1999, Cap. 145) for their connections based on the following
This Policy Direction is given to the Electricity Regulatory process—
Authority under section 17 of the Electricity Act, 1999. Cap (a) applications for electricity connection
145, this 2nd day of December, 2020. on single phase no-pole and one- pole
connections shall indicate whether the
PREAMBLE applicant is willing. able and ready
1, WHEREAS to pay for the connection cost or
on 29" January 2018, the Government
whether he or she wishes to wait for
of Uganda (Government) approved the Electricity
Connections Government funding;
Policy, 2018 with the objective of
achieving a level of at least 60% access to electricity in (b) connections for consumers who are
Uganda by 2027 and to achieve this level, a minimum willing and able to pay shall be charged
of 300.000 new connections would be required to be at the rates which shall be published
made annually: by the Authority in the media from
time to time, with effect from 7*
2. WHEREAS the Government decided under the December 2020. This category of
Electricity Connections Policy, 2018 to make all consumers shall pay for the connection
single phase no-pole and one-pole connections free to
cost and get connected in the shortest
all consumers who would have wired their premises
time possible as prescribed under the
and the free connection policy has been implemented Electricity (Code of Quality of Service)
since 2018 and has achieved close to the intended Regulations, 2020, S.I No. 78 of 2020:
4 A@E—E a, ae