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CONTENTS Page No. 28 —The Civil Aviation (Personnel Licensing)
Regulations, 2020.
The Marriage Act—-Notices... ... ... 367-368
No. 29 —The Civil Aviation (Aircraft Registration and
The Commissioners for Oaths (Advocates) Marking) Regulations, 2020.
Act—Notice .......................... ... 368 No. 30 —The Civil Aviation (Meteorological Services for
The Advocates Act—Notices.............. ... 369 Air Navigation) Regulations, 2020.
The Electoral Commission Act—Corrigendum 370-378 No. 31 —The Civil Aviation (Surveillance and Collision
Avoidance Systems) Regulations, 2020.
No. 32—The Civil Aviation (Operation of Aircraft-
SUPPLEMENTS Commercial Air Transport Aeroplane) Regulations,
Statutory Instruments No. 33—The Civil Aviation (Airworthiness of Aircraft)
No. 11 —The Civil Aviation (Aeronautical Charts) Regulations, 2020.
Regulations 2020. No. 34—The Civil Aviation (Aeronautical Information
No. 12 —The Civil Aviation (Aeronautical Search and Services) Regulations, 2020.
Rescue) Regulations, 2020 No. 35— The Civil Aviation (Aircraft Instruments and
No. 13 —The Civil Aviation (Aircraft Accident and Incident Equipment) Regulations, 2020.
Investigations) Regulations, 2020. No. 36— The Civil Aviation (Operation of Aircraft)
No. 14 —-The Civil Aviation (Construction of Visual and (General Aviation Aeroplanes) Regulations, 2020.
Instrument Flight Procedures) Regulations, 2020. No. 37—The Civil Aviation (Fatigue Risk Management)
No. 15 —The Civil Aviation (Rules of the Air) Regulations, Regulations, 2020.
2020. No. 38—The Civil Aviation (Approved Maintenance
No. 16 —The Civil Aviation (Units of Measurement for Air Organisation) Regulations, 2020.
and Ground Operations) Regulations, 2020.
General Notice No. 186 of 2020.
No. 17 —The Civil Aviation (Safety Management)
Regulations, 2020. THE MARRIAGE ACT
No. 18 —The Civil Aviation (Construction of Instrument |Cap. 251 Revised Edition, 20001
Flight Procedures) Regulations, 2020. NOTICE
[ Under Section 5 of the Act]
No. 19 —The Civil Aviation (Aeronautical Radio Frequency
Spectrum Utilisation) Regulations, 2020. PLACE FOR CELEBRATION OF MARRIAGE
No.20 —-The Civil Aviation (Air Traffic Services) Registry No: 12010000027111-00367
Regulations, 2020.
In exercise of the powers conferred upon me by Section
No.21 —The Civil Aviation (Operation of Aircraft) 5 of the Marriage Act, I hereby license the place of Public
(Helicopter Operations) Regulations, 2020. Worship mentioned in the Schedule hereto to be a place for
No.22 —The Civil Aviation (Air Operator Certification the celebration of marriages.
and Administration) Regulations, 2020.
No.23 —The Civil Aviation (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Church — Jinja Full Gospel Church
Systems) Regulations, 2020. Denomination — Bom Again Churches
No. 24 —The Civil Aviation (Approved Training Village — Rubaga
Organisations) Regulations, 2020.
Parish — Lubaga
No. 25 —The Civil Aviation (Aeronautical Communication
Sub-County — Kimaka/Mpumudde
Systems) Regulations, 2020.
County — Jinja Municipality West
No. 26 —The Civil Aviation (Aeronautical Communication
Procedures) Regulations, 2020.
District — Jinja

No. 27 —The Civil Aviation (Aeronautical Radio HON. BYARUHANGA WILLIAM,
Navigation Aids) Regulations, 2020. Attorney General.

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