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CONTENTS PAGE the Electricity Regulatory Authority (the Authority) to
The Electricity Act— Notices... 1725-1726 observe and implement—
The Local Governements Act— Notices 1726-1728 (1) The Policy Direction Relating to the Development
The Marriage Act— Notices ... 1728 of Power Plants to Utilize Indigenous Oil
The Advocates Act—Notices ' 1729 Resources issued on the 5°" May{ 2017 vide Gazette
The Companies Act— Notice. | Las 1729 Notice ‘No. 636. of 2017 is hereby amended to
The Copyright And Neighbouring Rights, , allow Albatros Energy, Uganda Ltd. to import and
Regulations— Notice’ 1729 use Heavy Fuel Oils to generate 50 Megawatts of
The Trademarks ctr Remistalion of Applicaton 1729-1732 electricity until the Refinery project commences
Advertisement - 16732 operations and ready to supply Heavy Fuel Oils to
Albatros or when the:licensees under the Petroleum
(Exploration, Development’and Produetion) Act,
General Notice No. 616 of 2018.
2013 shall have resolved the technical.,issues that
AMENDMENTOF GENERAL NOTICENO. 363 OF presently prevent them from committing to supply
2017, POLICY DIRECTION RELATING TO THE . up etude oil or gas to Albatros.
DEVELOPMENT OF POWERPLANTS TO UTILISE 7 (2) The Government shall from time to time advise
‘ INDEGENOUS OIL RESOURCES* the Authority and Albatros on the prevailing policy
(Undersection 17 ofthe Electricity Act;1999,,Cap..145) to be observed in respect of the development of
if Aad)
This Policy Direction, is given to the Electricity Regulatory power plants which shall use indigenous petroleum
Authority under section 17-ofthe Electricity Act, 1999, Cap without any adverse effect to the functions of the
145, this 3% day of August, 2018. Authority.

1.__WHEREAS the Government of Uganda has put in Minister of Energy.and Mineral Development.
place a plan in the National, Oib-andGas. Policy for
Uganda, 2008 to develop its petroleum resources, the
General Notice No. 617 of 2018.
key aspects of whi¢h‘include!the-developmentof an oil
refinéryé the construction. of 4 crude. vil €xport pipeline AMENDMENTOF GENERAL NOTICENO. 47 OF
itand the productioniof oiliforpower generation; | 2018 RELATINGTO POLICY DIRECTION ISSUED
2. WHEREAS the! Government strategy in the National TO ALL SECTOR PLAYERS IN RESPECT OF THE
Oil and Gas Policy forUganda 2008is to’ use'oil and ENERGY MIX OF THE COUNTRY.
, gas resources tocontribute to the country’s energy mix (Under section 17 of the-Electricity Act, 1999, Cap. 145)
— by_promoting the_use of s6me_of the crude oil, excess
' gas and Heavy’Fuel Oib(HFO) from 4he oil refinery This Policy Direction is given tg,the Electricity Regulatory
activities in the generation of electricity with a view to Authority undersection 17 of the Electricity Act, 1999, ra
ensuring adequate andaffordable energy supply; M5; dhiss3Y dayohAugustj20185; 0 WMOITADI Ia
3) WHEREAS the Government had a target’ to produce ior OD MAMAHBY Wa
af iHT io
the first oil by 2018 but due to a number offactors, this PREAMBLE| LA AUM HOd 2 101T9D i
target will not be achievediand the revised petroleum
production plans! in-line-with the fist oil) is/scheduled
A: WHEREAS. ihe, selectricity supple, in Uganda, is
et rfom2020;" 7 dominated by hydropower sources and the overreliance
‘AND WHEREASthe Minister of Energy ‘and.‘Mineral ,,on hydro, power ;makes, the FRUnEY vulnerable. to the
Development issued’ to the’ Electricity -'Regulatory soyMagaries, of, nature;
Authority a “Policy Direction Felaling to the “NOTING THATin 2005 ehieuieht 2008 ‘the country
Development of PowerPlants to Utilize.Indigenous Oil experienced a severe energy- crisis’ caused’ by ’‘the
“resources” on the 5" May,.2017, under:Gonexal Natice
prolonged drought xpynicnced. by the country at the
~ No. 363 of 2017;
time, and
, Laat thermal, wer as a
5. NOTING -thatasa result-of Cisenenend 1 #itSjéetions
___ short and medium intervention to ameliorate heenergy
Albatros Energy Uganda ‘Ltd: was licensed Under the
“1 erisis: THAT TADITLIO$
ElectricityAct, 1999) todevelopa power plantlo wulize ISAIATE “OMAZIAA: 0 fA eS ATACIONAD
—. indigenous Ugandan Petrofeum resources; |" Sus WHEREAS Uganda , has, a. bast
rapicaaa energy
oTEES Ciel cae 5s VHVee —-—sourees including. hydro, cogeneration, solar,bidmass
Oy W THEREFORE, the, foreoorme Direction nt‘and biogas and thermal, energy(includifig'‘geothermal
pens ing. General. Notice.Nos sor 017 is given to IWYAW