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Vol. CXI No. 1 5th January, 2018 Price: Shs. 5,000
The Uganda National Bureau of Standards
The Advocates Act—Notices 9-10
The Companies Act-—Notices.. 10-11
The Electricity Act—Notices 11
1.1 Occupational health and safety management
The Mining Act—Notices 12
The Copyright and Neighbouring Rights 1. US 1813:2017, Standard Guide on Playground
Regulations—Notice.............. 12 Surfacing.
The Electoral Commission Act—Notices 12-15 Scope: This Uganda Standard covers the selecting and
The Trademarks Act—Registr ation of Applications 15-17 specifying surface systems under and around
Advertisements 17-24 playground equipment. This guide describes how to
SU PPLEM EX T apply standards to evaluate the impact attenuation,
accessibility characteristics and product characteristics
A ct when selecting surfacing systems for use under and
No. 1- -The Constitution (Amendment) Act, 2018. around playground equipment.

2. US 1814:2017, Standard Practice for Health
General Notice No. 1 of 2018. Requirements Relating to Occupational Exposure to
THE UGANDA NATIONAL BUREAU OF Respirable Crystalline Silica.
STANDARDS ACT, 1983 Scope: This Uganda Standard covers a description of
several actions that should be taken to reduce the risk of
(Cap 327, Section 18), as amended harmful occupational exposures to humans in
NOTICE FOR THE DECLARATION OF environments containing respirable crystalline silica.
3. US 1815:2017, Standard Guide for Recording
PRELIMINARY NOTICE Occupational Injuries and Illnesses.
Scope: This Uganda Standard is intended to establish
IN ACCORDANCE with Section 18 of Cap. 327 of the laws definitions and criteria for recording occupational
of Uganda, the National Standards Council intends to injuries and illnesses to be used for measuring safety
recommend to the Minister of Trade, Industry and performance, evaluating safety program performance,
Cooperatives and to declare the standards indicated below and improving consistency when comparing
for compulsory application. international performance. A measurement system is
desired that is precise and accurate, difficult to
The National Standards Council therefore calls upon all manipulate, significant and meaningful for safety
interested persons or parties that may have any objection to program evaluation, and appropriate for accountability
declaring the compulsory application of these standards, in
accordance with Section 19 of Cap. 327 of the laws of purposes in a global environment.
Uganda, to lodge their objections in writing to the Executive
Director, UNBS Head Office, Standards House, 4. US 1816:2017, Terminology Relating to
Bweyogerere Industrial Park, Plot 2-12 Bypass Link, P.O. Occupational Health and Safety .
Box 6329, Kampala. Tel: +256-417-333250/1/2. E-mail: Scope: The Uganda Standard gives terms that are used within 60 days of this notice. in the fields of occupational health and safety. The
terms are used to describe the limits of exposure under
Every person who has an objection to the declaration of a different conditions, the meanings of terms used in
standard specification as compulsory shall be entitled to be describing events and the types of items measured.
heard by the National Standards Council. No standard They will commonly be used to express the effect of an
specification shall be declared compulsory until the Council event or the limit of a chemical exposure on human