Uganda Government Gazette dated 2016-04-15 number 24

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Vol. CIX No. 24 15th April, 2016 Price: Shs. 5,000
CONTENTS Page 12 Kyaka II C.O.U Kaborole
The Marriage Act—Notices................ ... *359-363 13 St.Mary’s C.O.U Mbaale Kabarole
14 AllSaints C.O.U Bundibigyo Kabarole
The Water Act—Notice ... ... ... 364 15 Kitumba C.O.U Kabarole
The Electoral Commission—Notices... ... 364-366 16 Makondo C.O.U Kabarole
The National Environment Management Authority 17 Karyenyi C.O.U Kabarole
Act—Notice........................................... ... 366 18 Mukubo C.O.U Kabarole
19 Burondo C.O.U Kabarole
The Mining Act—Notices ................ ... 366 20 Bundimulinga C.O.U Kabarole
The Companies Act—Notices................ ... 366-367 21 Butinda C.O.U Kabarole
The Copyright and Neighbouring Rights 22 Kibuuku C.O.U Kabarole
Regulations—Notice ... ... ... 367 23 Kyaisaza C.O.U Kabarole
24 St.Peter’S C.O.U Rweitengya Kabarole
The Electricity Act—Notices................ ... 367-368 St. Barnabas C.O.U Bumadu
25 Kabarole
The Trademarks Act—Registration of Applications 368-377 26 StJohn’s C.O.U Kiteleesa Kabarole
Advertisements............... ... ... ... 377-382 27 St.Peter’s C.O.U Burambagira Kabarole
28 St.John’s Cathedral C.O.U Kyegegwa
SUPPLEMENTS 29 St. Stephen’s C.O.U Busiita Kyegegwa
Bill 30 St. Paul’s C.O.U Nyakasenyi Kyegegwa
No. 11—The Insurance Bill, 2016. 31 St.Mathwe’s C.O.U Rwebisengo Kyegegwa
32 St.John’s C.O.U Kaswa Kyenjojo
Legal Notices 33 St.Luke’s C.O.U Buganikere Kyenjojo
No. 5—The Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions 34 Buhanda C.O.U Kyenjojo
35 St.Adrew’s C.O.U Karugutu Kyenjojo
(Publication of Particulars of Private Universities St.Paul’s C.O.U Butunduzi
36 Kyenjojo
issued with Provisional Licences) Notice, 2016. 37 St.Peter’s C.O.U Kaguma Kyenjojo
No. 6—The Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions 38 Besesaidi C.O.U Ntoroko
(Publication of Particulars of Private Tertiary 39 Kirere C.O.U Ntoroko
40 Bwabya C.O.U Ntoroko
Institutions issued with Provisional Licences)
41 Ngezi C.O.U Ntoroko
Notice, 2016. 42 Kyabukunguru C.O.U Ntoroko
No. 7—The Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions 43 All Saints C.O.U Rwimi Ntoroko
(Publication of Particulars of Private Tertiary BUNYORO- KITARA DIOCESE
Institutions issued with Provisional Licences) (No. 2) NO NAME OF CHURCH COUNTY DISTRICT
Notice, 2016. 1 Buhamba Bugahya Hoima
No. 8—The Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions 2 Bulindi Bugahya Hoima
3 Buraru Bugahya Hoima
(Publication of Particulars of Private Universities 4 Kasunga Bugahya Hoima
issued with Provisional Licences) (No. 2) Notice, 2016. 5 Bineneza Bugahya Hoima
No. 9—The Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions 6 Kibugubya Bugahya Hoima
(Publication of Particulars of Private Tertiary 7 Butema Bugahya Hoima
8 Nyamirima Bugahya Hoima
Institutions issued with Provisional Licences) (No. 3) Waaki Bugahya Hoima
Notice, 2016. 10 Parajwoki Bugahya Hoima
11 St.Philip’s Bulyango Bugahya Hoima
12 All Saints-Buhimba Town Buhaguzi Hoima
General Notice No. 232 of 2016. 13 Kinogozi Buhaguzi Hoima
THE MARRIAGE ACT 14 Kiziranfumbi Buhaguzi Hoima
[Cap. 251 Revised Edition, 2000] 15 Muhwiju Buhaguzi Hoima
NOTICE 16 Nsonga Buhaguzi Hoima
17 St. Paul's-Wambabya Buhaguzi Hoima
[Under Section 5 of the Act] Hoima
18 St.John’s Bugambe Buhaguzi
In exercise of the powers conferred upon me by Section 5 of 20 Kiduuma Buhaguzi Hoima
the Marriage Act, I hereby license the places of Public Worship 21 Kaseeta Buhaguzi Hoima
mentioned in the Schedule hereto to be a place for celebration of 22 St.Matthew’s Katikara Hoima Municipality Hoima
marriages. This Ecense will take effect from the 1st day of April, 23 Hoima Town Hoima Municipality Hoima
24 St.James’-Buswekera Hoima Municipality Hoima
1904. Hoima Municipality Hoima
25 St.Luke’s Chapel
RWENZORI—DIOCESE 26 Kigomba Bugangaizi Kibaale
1 St.Adrews C.O.U Rwengoma Bundibugyo 28 Buramagi Bugangaizi Kibaale
2 St. Johns C.O.U Nyarukoma Bundibugyo 29 Damasiki Bugangaizi Kibaale
3 Kyaitamba C.O.U Bundibugyo 30 St.John’s -Mwitanzige Bugangaizi Kibaale
4 Kirurara C.O.U Bundibugyo 31 Nyabirungi Bugangaizi Kibaale
5 St. Stephens C.O.U Kaihura Bundibugyo 32 Nyarweyo Bugangaizi Kibaale
6 Kasiisi C.O.U Bundibugyo 33 All Saints Kakindo (South) Bugangaizi Kibaale
7 All Saints C.O.U Kamengo Bundibugyo 34 Kasiita Bugangaizi Kibaale
8 BunyonyiC.O.U Bundibugyo 35 Kakumiro Bugangaizi Kibaale
9 Kirumya C.O.U Kaborole 36 St. Andrew ’s-Kyakabadiima Buyaga Kibaale
10 St.Mark’s Kidukuru Kabo role 37 St.John’s-Kiryanjagi Buyaga Kibaale
11 Ihani C.O.U Kaborole 38 Burora Buyaga Kibaale