Uganda Government Gazette dated 2015-02-27 number 9


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“Uganda Gazette

Vol. CVIII No. 9 27th February, 2015 Price: Shs. 5,000

CONTENTS Page e) T1 Kanungu Districts)
The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Ä covers 895 Km2; and
Development—Notice ................ ... 153 f)//TIYe Mvule irca gi and Yumbe
The Mining Act—Notices ... ... ... 153-155 I^istricts^ \$i >44 Km¿
The Advocates Act—Notice ... ... 155 J?
The Companies Act—Notices ... ... 155 Stratigraphic Lice^iag'V’illiS^ dp le to some of these
The Insolvency Act-—Notice ... ... 156 biock^OshiN7c‘>*‘-V'
'fhe Trademarks Act— Registration of Applications 156-163
Advertisements...................................... ... 163-172 The Ministry will issue a Request for Qualification (RFQ)
SUPPLEMENTS inviting interested firms and/or consortia to submit
Statutory’ Instrument Statements of Qualifications within a period of not less than
No. 4 The Traffic and Road Safety Act (Speed of Motor 3 months for government to determine their eligibility to
Vehicle) (Temporary Maximum Speed Limit) Order, participate in this first licensing round. The qualifying firms
2015. will then be issued a detailed Request for Proposals (RFP)
which will be evaluated by the Government. The companies
submitting the best evaluated Proposal/Bid for each of the
General Notice No. 140 of 2015. blocks will proceed to negotiations with the Government
MINISTRY OF ENERGY AND MINERAL prior to signing the Production Sharing Agreements. The
DEVELOPMENT licensing round is expected to be concluded with the award
of Petroleum Exploration Licenses to successful firms in the
Announcement of the First Licensing Round for fourth quarter of 2015.
Petroleum Exploration in Uganda.
2,983 Km of high potential acreage offered for licensing. Licenses accruing from this process will be subject to state
participation and Government will specify its maximum
In accordance with the powers bestowed upon me by the share prior to granting the Petroleum Exploration Licences.
Petroleum (Exploration, Development and Production) Act
of 2013, I wish to announce the first open competitive
licensing round for petroleum exploration in Uganda. This
Minister of Energy and Mineral Development.
licensing round will cover six blocks in the Albertine
Graben which is a proven prospective sedimentary basin.
Uganda’s first licensing round is guided by the National Oil
and Gas Policy for Uganda (2008) and the Petroleum
(Exploration, Development and Production) Act, 2013.
The main objectives of implementing the license round are:
General Notice No. 141 of 2015.
a) to attract additional investment in the country’s oil
and gas sector; THE MINING ACT, 2003.
b) expand the country’s resource base which is currently (The Mining Regulations, 2004).
estimated at 6.5 Billion barrels oil in place, and thus
c) enhance the country’s sustainability of oil and gas IT IS HEREBY NOTIFIED that Exploration License,
production; and
number EL 1404, registered as number 001984, has been
d) respond to the significant number of investors who
granted in accordance with the provisions of Section 27 and
have expressed interest in investing in the country’s
oil and gas industry. Section 29 to MR. RICHARD HENRY KAIJUKA, of P.O.
BOX 3028, KAMPALA, for a period of three (3) years
The six blocks on offer are; effective from 09th December, 2014.

a) 'fhe Turaco Block in the Semliki area (Ntoroko The Exploration area subject to the Exploration License is
District) covering an area of 425 Km2. 0.9319 Km2, and is on topography map, sheet number 93/2.
b) The Kanywataba Block in Semliki area (Ntoroko situated in Kabale District.
District) covering an area of 344 Km2. Dated at Entebbe, this 09th day of December, 2014.
c) The Ngassa block (Hoima District) which covers an
area 410 Km2. EDWARDS KATTO.
d) The Taitai and Karuka block (Buliisa District) Commissioner for the Geological Survey
covering 565 Km2. and Mines Department.