Uganda Government Gazette dated 2014-12-15 number 73

GAZETTE EXTRAORDINARY 1015 6761 G S.242 IWCaiUGAXDA The nn: repi hucof cgaxda '■T' Uganda Gazette Registered at the “W A A Published Vol. CVII No. 73 15th December, 2014 Price: Shs. 5,000 CONTENTS Page General Notice No. 811 of 2014. The Water Act—Notice ................ ... 1015 THE PARLIAMENTARY ELECTIONS ACT The Advocates Act—Notice ... ... 1015 ACT No. 17 OF 2005 The Electoral Commission Act—Notice ... 1015 SECTION 28( I)(b) The Bank of Uganda—Notice ... ... 1016 AND The Companies Act—Notices ... ... 1017 THE LOCAL GOVERNMENTS ACT The Local Governments (Rating) Act—Notice 1017 CAP. 243 The Insolvency Act—Notice................ ... 1017 SECTION 172 The Copyright and Neighbouring Rights NOTICE Regulations—Notices ................ ... 1017-1018 PUBLICATION OF LIST OF NOMINATED CANDIDATES The Mining Act—Notice ................ ... 1018 FOR PURPOSES OF THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT The Trademarks Act—Registration of Applications 1018-1024 COUNCIL BY-ELECTIONS IN BUSIA DISTRICT. Advertisements....................................... ... 1024-1026 Notice is hereby given by the Electoral Commission in accordance with Section 28(l)(b) of the Parliamentary SUPPLEMENT Elections Act, No. 17 of 2005 and subject to Section 172 of Statutory Instrument the Local Governments Act, Cap 243, that the list of No. 101—The Uganda National Commission for UNESCO nominated candidates in the Schedules to this Notice are Act, 2014 (Commencement) Instrument, 2014. hereby published for purposes of the Local Government Council by-elections in Busia District. SCHEDULE A: DISTRICT CHAIRPERSON. General Notice No. 809 of 2014. S/N Political Party/ Name of Candidate STATUTORY NOTICE Organisation 1. Hasubi Deogratiuas Njoki DP In exercise of powers conferred upon the Minister by 2. Wanyama-Oundo Steven NRM Section 45, Part III, of the Water Act, Cap. 152; this statutory notice is hereby made this 19th Day of November, SCHEDULE B: SUB-COUNTY CHAIRPERSON, 2014, declaring the area coinciding with the boundaries of BULUMBI SUB-COUNTY Kyotera Town Council, as well as Sanje and Mutukula Political Party/ S/N Name of Candidate Town Boards as a Water Supply and Sewerage Area and Organisation appoint National Water and Sewerage Corporation as the 1. Wesonga Bernard Ismael NRM Water Authority for management under one cluster (Rakai 2. Balaba Peter FDC District Management Cluster) until further notice. SCHEDULE C: DISTRICT DEC REPRESENTING BUSIME SUB-COUNTY PROP EPHRAIM KAMUNTU, Political Party/ S/N Name of Candidate Minister of Water and Environment. Organisation 1. Bwire Benedict Maloba NRM 2. Aguba Wandera Hadondi FDC General Notice No. 810 of 2014. SCHEDULE D: SUB-COUNTY DEC THE ADVOCATES ACT, CAP. 267. REPRESENTING BUGANGO PARISH Political Party/ NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR A CERTIFICATE S/N Name of Candidate Organisation OF ELIGIBILITY. 1. Mangeni Juma Wycliffe NRM It is hereby notified that an application has been 2. Guloba Fred Independent (Bicycle) presented to the Law Council by Nabayego Proscovia who is slated to be a holder of a Bachelor of Laws Degree from SCHEDULE E: SUB-COUNTY DEC REPRESENTING BULUMBI PARISH Makerere University, Kampala, having been awarded on the 24th day of January, 2013 and a Diploma in Legal Practice Political Party/ S/N Name of Candidate Organisation awarded by the Law Development Centre on the 4th day of 1. Mayende Geofrey Kadima NRM Independent April, 2014, for the issuance of a Certificate of Eligibility for entry of her name on the Roll of Advocates for Uganda. Issued at Kampala, this 10th day of December, 2014. JOSEPH N. BIRIBONWA, Kampala, MARGARET APINY, Ag. Chairperson, Electoral Commission. 26lh November, 2014. Secretary, Law Council.