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Vol. CVII No. 26 9th May, 2014 Price: Shs. 5,000

CONTENTS Page General Notice No. 307 of 2014.
The Advocates Act—Notice ... ... 285 THE TRADE MARKS ACT.
The Copyright and Neighbouring Rights (Cap. 83).
Regulations—Notice ................ ... 285 NOTICE.
The Trademarks Act—Registration of Appl ications 285-290 Notice is hereby given that any person who has
Advertisement......................................... ... 291-295 grounds to oppose the registration of any of the marks
SUPPLEMENTS advertised herein may within sixty days from the date of this
Statutory Instruments Gazette, lodge a Notice of opposition on Trade Mark Form
No. 45—The Anti-Pornography Act (Commencement) No. 6 together with a fee of Shs. 4000 in case of National
Instrument, 2014. applicants or USS 250 in case of Foreign applicants. The
No. 46—The National Honours and Awards Regulations, period of lodging Notice of opposition may be extended in
2014. suitable cases by the Registrar as he thinks fit upon such
terms as he may direct. Formal opposition should not be
lodged until after reasonable notice has been given by letter
No. 5—The Persons With Disabilities Bill, 2014.
to the applicant so that he may have an opportunity to with
draw his application before the expense of opposition
proceedings is incurred. Failure to give such notice will be
General Notice No. 305 of 2014.
taken into account in considering any application by the
THE ADVOCATES ACT, CAP. 267. opponent for an order for costs if the opposition is
NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR A CERTIFICATE uncontested by the applicant. Representations of the marks
OF ELIGIBILITY. herein advertised can be inspected at the office of the
Registrar of Trade Marks, Amamu House, Plot No. 5B
It is hereby notified that an application has been
George Street, P.O. Box 6848, Kampala.
presented to the Law Council by Nayiga Brenda who is
stated to be a holder of a Bachelor of Laws Degree from
(21) Application No. 2012/45101 in Part “A”.
Makerere University, Kampala, having been awarded on the
22nd day of January, 2010 and a Diploma in Legal Practice (52) Class 9.
awarded by the Law Development Centre on the 27th day of (54)
July, 2012, for the issuance of a Certificate of Eligibility for
entry of her name on the Roll of Advocates for Uganda.
29th April, 2014.
Secretary, Law Council. S / #//n/?/ 7

General Notice No. 306 of 2014. (57) Nature of goods— Electric and electronic apparatus and
instruments for the transport, distribution,
transformation, accumulation, regulation, filtering,
THE COPYRIGHT AND NEIGHBOURING RIGHTS measuring, signaling, control or operation of
REGULATIONS, 2010 electric current, including the electric or electronic
(Under Regulation 5(J) components for such apparatus and instruments;
storage batteries, conductors, electric capacitors,
NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR REGISTRATION OF electric relays and resistances, junction, distribution
COPYRIGHT OR NEIGHBOURING RIGHTS. and branching boxes, connectors, electric control
Take notice that Soft Box Limited of Kampala, and monitoring panels, circuit breakers, converting
Uganda, has lodged an application with the Registrar of sets, switches, push buttons. Indicator lights,
Copyright, for the Registration of Copyright/Neighbouring sensors, contactors, plugs, socket outlets, speed
Rights, for the following works: drives, current rectifiers, transformers, ammeters;
cabinets for electricity, electric valves, water and
gas meters; electromechanical and electronic
Any person intending to object to the application for meters; enclosures made of polyester, of
registration of copyright or neighbouring rights may file a thermoplastic materials, of metal and/or stainless
letter of objection with this office within 60 days from the steel for electric panels and for monitoring and
dale of this notice. distribution control devices; terminals and other
Dated this J 4th day of April, 2014. accessories for assembling electric panels; supply
systems for computers; micro safety systems for
KALIBALA NYANJA PHILIP, computers; uninterruptible power supplies;
Registrar of Copyright. inverters.