Uganda Government Gazette dated 2013-08-30 number 43


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Vol. CVI No. 43 30th August, 2013 Price: Shs. 5,000

CONTENTS Page The policy harmonizes the diverse views on historical
The Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban land injustices; land management and land use; and
Development—Notice ... ... 449-497 contemporary land issues. It further protects the rights
The Copyright and Neighbouring Rights
of the citizens to own land, which should be optimally
Regulations—Notice .............. ... 497
The Police Act—Register of Complaints ... 498-499
The Police Act—Regional Policing Areas ... 500-502 The policy provides a framework for reforms geared
The Advocates Act—Notices ... ... 503 towards having an efficient and effective land delivery
The Companies Act—Notice ... ... 503-504 system, which is a basis for poverty reduction, wealth
The Mining Act—Notice ... ... 504
creation and socio-economic transformation.
The Trademarks Act—Registration of Applications 504-513
Advertisements.................................... ... 513-518
SUPPLEMENT My Ministry has embarked on the development of a
Statutory Instrument policy implementation action plan and a public
No. 36—The Insolvency Regulations, 2013. awareness campaign to popularise the policy. The
participation of all stakeholders will continue to be
sought to ensure continued public debate and feedback
General Notice No. 504 of 2013. on the implementation of the land policy framework.
MINISTRY OF LANDS, HOUSING AND URBAN In this way, I am confident we will collectively achieve
DEVELOPMENT the vision of the National Land Policy of “a
transformed Ugandan society through optimal use and
management of land resources for a prosperous and
industrialized economy with a developed services
It is hereby notified for public information that the
Uganda Government has issued a National Land Finally, I wish to thank His Excellency the President
Policy for Uganda with effect from February, 2013. for mainstreaming land issues and guiding Cabinet
while deliberating the same. I am also indebted to all
FOREWORD those who contributed to the development of this
policy. In particular the Consultants who prepared the
The Government of Uganda has formulated a national
various drafts; the National Land Policy Working
land policy to provide a framework for articulating the
Group which steered the process up to the end, the
role of land in national development, land ownership,
stakeholders whose views shaped the policy and Ford
distribution, utilization, alienability, management and
Foundation for their expert input.
control of land. This is intended to ensure that the
country transforms from a peasant society to a modern,
industrialized and urbanized society.
To ensure that the land policy is relevant to Uganda’s
development agenda, the Ministry undertook a
comprehensive stakeholder consultation exercise,
which culminated into a National Land Conference.
This policy therefore, reflects the views of all
Ugandans. It is a hallmark of the rare sense of dialogue MINISTER OF LANDS, HOUSING AND URBAN
and collaboration between the Government and the DEVELOPMENT
citizenry in tackling what is arguably the most
emotive, culturally sensitive, politically volatile and
economically central issue in Uganda. FEBRUARY 2013