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Vol. CVI No. 27 27th May, 2013 Price: Shs. 5,000

CONTENTS Page (e) to implement the President’s directives as
The Appointment of Committee on Illegal Land comprised in his statement of 22nd February,
Evictions—Notice............................. ... 247 2013.
Advertisements........................................ ... 248 3. Scope of Work of the Committee.
The work of the Committee includes-

General Notice No 335 of 2013. (a) to sensitize tenants on their relationship with
landlords and their rights and obligations vis-
■ (b) to return tenants by occupancy and other land
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the President has owners who have been illegally evicted back
appointed a Committee on Illegal Land Evictions. to their land;
(c) to identify persons who have attempted to
1. Members of the Committee.
evict, evicted or participated in the illegal
The Committee consists of the following persons—
eviction of tenants with a view to having them
(a) Hon. Idah Nantaba, Minister of State for prosecuted;
(d) to review documents of sale, exchange,
— Chairperson
relocation and resettlement of complainants;
(b) Hon. Nansubuga Rosemary Seninde, Woman
(e) to verify and authenticate court orders used to
Member of Parliament for Wakiso District
evict tenants by occupancy and other land
— Member
owners from their land; and
(c) Ms. Deborah Asasira, Office of the President
(f) any other related or incidental matter as the
— Member
Committee may deem fit.
(d) Mr. Ronald Sekagya, Judicial Service
4. Method of Work of the Committee.
. Commission — Secretary
(1) The Committee will be based in the Ministry
(e) Captain Stephen Mugarura, Uganda Peoples’
of Lands, Housing and Urban Development.
Defence Forces (UPDF)
— Member (2) Staff of the Ministry of Lands, Housing and
Urban Development may be co-opted to assist
(f) Mr. William Kototyo, Uganda Police Force the Committee and may include Land
— Member Officers, Government Valuers, Surveyors,
(g) Mr. Farouq Lubega, Ministry of Justice and Information Scientists, and drivers.
Constitutional Affairs
5. Reports of the Committee.
— Member
(1) The Committee shall submit weekly reports
(h) Ms. Mulinde Mukasa Kintu, Ministry of to the Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban
Lands, Housing and Urban Development Development for onward submission to H.E.
— Member the President.
2. Terms of Reference of the Committee. (2) A copy of each report submitted to the
The Terms of Reference of the Committee are— President by the Minister shall be copied to
the Prime Minister and the Attorney General.
(a) to identify, investigate and return tenants by
occupancy and landlords who have been 6. Duration of Committee’s assignment
illegally evicted from their land; The Committee shall perform its assignment from
(b) to identify persons involved in illegal March 2013 - June 2013, or for such longer duration
evictions for purposes of prosecution and as may be notified.
compensation of victims;
(c) to sensitize tenants and land owners on their
rights and obligations and initiate the GABINDADDE'MUSOKE,
process of issuing Certificates of Occupancy; Permanent Secretary
(d) to assist land owners with authenticated Kampala, Ministry of Lands,
eviction orders to execute them; and 20,h May, 2013. Housing and Urban development