Uganda Government Gazette dated 2009-07-03 number 31


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^Uganda Gazette
Vol. CI I No. 31 Price: Shs. 1500
3rd July, 2009

CONTENTS Page General Notice No. 202 of 2009.
The Waler Act—Notice ... ... ... 351
The Companies Act—-Notices .. ... ... 351
The Electricity Act—Notice ... ... ... 351 Plot 15 Shimoni Road. Nakasero, P.O. Box 10332, Kampala
Tel: 0414-341852/646. Fax: 0414-341624,
Security 2000 Ltd—Notice ... ... ... 352
The Trademarks Act—Notice ... ... ... 352 E-mail:
The Trademarks Act—Registration of Applications 352-35S
Advertisements ... ... . . ...358-361
No. 11—The Insolvency Bill. 2009.
General Notice No. 199 of 2009.
“'Promoting Quality and Sustainable Electricity Supply at
STATUTORY NOTICE Equitable Prices”.
In exercise ol the powers conferred upon the Minister of
Water and Environment by Section 45. Part III. of the Water NOTICE OF INTENDED APPLICATION FOR A
Act. Cap. 152. Statute 9 of 1997; this Statutory Notice is LICENCE TO GENERATE AND SALE ELECTRIC!'! Y
hereby made this 22nd day of .May. 2009 declaring Koboko
Town Council as a Water Supply and Sewerage Area; and in The Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) under Section
exercise of powers confeired upon her by Section 46 of the 29 of the Electricity Act 1999, Cap. 145, received a Notice
Waler Act. Cap. 152. the Minister hereby appoints Koboko
of Intended Application for a licence to generate and sell
Town Council the Authority in charge of Water Supply and
electricity from Grccnewus Energy Africa Limited.
Sewerage services in (hat area.
Greenewus Energy Africa Ltd proposes to develop the
Minister of Water and Environment.
following mini-hydroeicctric power facilities: (a) 11MW at the
L. Albert escarpment on River Nkusi in Kibaale District; (b)
General Notice No. 200 of 2009.
7.2MW at Kakaka on River Ishasha in Kabarole District. The
THE COMPANIES ACT. LAWS OF UGANDA. 2000. generated power is intended to be sold to the national grid
(Cap. 110). through Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited.
Pursuant to section 19(4) of the Companies Act. notice is ERA has made a preliminary assessment of the application
hereby given that May Enterprises Limited has by special in accordance with requirements laid out in Section 29 of
Resolution passed on the 22nd day of May, 2009 and with the the Electricity Act. 1999, Cap. 145.
approval of the Registrar of Companies changed in name to
Fresh Trade (U) Pty Limited and that such new name has been In accordance with Section 30 of the Electricity Act 1999,
entered in my Register. Cap. 145, the Electricity Regulatory Authority now hereby
Dated at Kampala this 26th day of May. 2009. invites directly affected parties and affected public agencies
to make comments on the notice within thirty days.
Assistant Registrar of Companies. Interested parties must therefore submit their written
comments, by recorded delivery to the Secretary, Electricity
General Notice No. 201 of 2009. Regulatory Authority at the above address by 4:00p.m. on
THE COMPANIES ACT. LAWS OF UGANDA. 2000. Wednesday, 29th July. 2009 or within 30 days alter the
(Cap. 1 10). publication of this Notice.
The Applications may be viewed at the Electricity
Pursuant to section 19(4) of the Companies Act. notice is Regulatory Authority Offices located at the address above,
hereby given that Associated Freight Logistics Consultants has and at Kibaale and Kabarole District LC V Chairperson's
by special Resolution passed on the 1 Hh day of June. 2009
and with the approval of the Registrar of Companies chanced
in name to Associated Freight Logistics Centre and that such
new name has been entered in my Register. NOTE: THE AUTHORITY APPEALS TO ALL
Dued at Kampala this 1 Hh day of June. 2009. TAKE NOTICE OF THE ABOVE.
Assistant Registrar of Companies. Wednesday. 24th June, 2009.