Uganda Government Gazette dated 2009-02-20 number 8



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Vol. CII No. 8 20th February, 2009 Price: Shs. 1500

The Uganda Communications Commission—Notice 57-59 FARMING
The Advocates Act—Notices ... ... ... 59
The Uganda National Bureau of Standards
Act—Notice............. ... ... ... 60 Policy Guideline 3:
The Companies Act—Notice ... ... ... 60
The Mining Act — Notice ... ... ... 60 In the event of no viable option, the Commission shall
The Trademarks Act—Notice ... ... ... 60
The Trademarks Act—Registration of Application ... 60-64 facilitate frequency refarming or displacement of services to
Advertisements.............. ... ... ... 65-67 other frequency bands for the maximum benefit of all
SUPPLEMENT Ugandans. The affected parties shall be given adequate
Act notice to allow for relocation or surrendering of the
No. 1—The Securities Central Depositories Act, 2009. spectrum. The new licensee shall be required to pay for the
cost of the displacement. However, the Commission shall
not be liable or responsible at all for compensation of the
General Notice No. 51 of 2009. existing spectrum users.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Policy Guideline 4:

The radio-frequency spectrum being a limited and scarce
The Commission shall establish/formulate radio frequency
natural resource requires measures to manage it in a guided
licences and issue them to all companies/institutions/parties
manner so that it is effectively used by those who require it
eligible in accordance with the relevant provisions in Cap.
to provide radiocommunications services including
telecommunications, broadcasting in the best national 106, Laws of Uganda. The authorizations <diall be valid for
interest and its citizens. a period of five years, although an aniu-i frequency fee
shall be applicable. The assignment ol radio frequencies and
Having Radio spectrum Policy guidelines in place is one of radio systems shall be conducted on first-comc-first'served
the instruments of spectrum management through which the
basis in accordance with established application processing
Commission is able to guide the public on the use of the
procedures for bands where there is sufficient supply of
resource in a proper manner. The spectrum policy guidelines
spectrum. The Commission shall ensure that the frequencies
outline the objectives and gives spectrum management
principles that form key basis for the management of the and radio systems are put into use and brought into
spect ini in the country. The policy guidelines arc provider operation in the specific period provided in the licences.
for the following element of spectrum management: Market based approaches such as lotteries; auctions may
only be considered in circumstances where the demand
PROTECTION OF SPECIAL RADIO SERVICES exceeds the supply or where the portion of spectrum is
considered to be of high economic value.
Policy Guideline 1:

Priority shall be given to frequencies for special radio UNIVERSAL ACCESS
services such as maritime/aeronautical, for emergency
services such as the health as well as for national security
Policy Guideline 5:
services, which are intended to save and protect the lives of
the people in Uganda.
The Commission shall reserve spectrum for deployment of
FREQUENCY SHARING wireless technologies in rural areas and shall give incentives
that may include differential pricing for spectrum for
Policy Guideline 2:
deployment of services in such areas. The Commission shall
The Commission will promote radio frequency spectrum determine the areas to be designated as rural areas. Where a
sharing cithei on a primary or secondary basis while taking community radio station is licensed to operate in a rural
into account spectrum efficiency and operational area, the Commission shall give priority to that station when
requirements of services. assigning broadcasting frequency.