Uganda Government Gazette dated 2009-02-13 number 7

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Vol. CII No. 7 13th February, 2909 Price: Shs. 1500

The Uganda National Bureau of Standards
Act—Notices................................... .... 41-48 2. US 776:2008, Furniture - Chairs and tables for
The Companies Act—Notices ... ... ... 48 educational institutions - Functional sizes
The Advocates Act—Notice .................................... 48-49 Scope: This Uganda Standard specifics the basic
The Trademarks Act—Registration of Application ... 49-52 functional sizes for seating and tables in educational
Advertisements ... ... ... ... 52-55 institutions. It does not include any special requirements
SUPPLEMENTS that apply to "special schools" or to adjustable furniture.
Statutory Instrument The requirements for materials, design construction or
quality arc covered in the relevant standards.
No. 4—The Business, Technical, Vocational Education and
Training (Establishment of the Uganda Nurses and
3. US ISO 9424:2003, Wood-based panels—
Midwives Examination Board (UNMEB)) Regulations, Determination of dimensions of test pieces
2009. Scope: This Uganda Standard specifies a method for
No. 5—The Atomic Energy Act (Commencement) measuring the thickness, length and width of test pieces
Instrument. 2009. of wood-based panels.
Legal Notice
No. 2—The Uganda National Bureau of Standards 4. US ISO 9426:2003, Wood-based panels—
(Declaration of Compulsory National Standards)
Determination of dimensions of panels
Notice, 2009.
Scope: This Uganda Standard specifies methods for
measuring the thickness, width and length, as well as the
squareness, edge straightness and flatness of wood­
based panels. Il applies to full-size fiat panels.
General Notice No. 41 of 2009.
THE UGANDA NATIONAL BUREAU OE 5. US ISO 9427:2003, Wood-based panels—Deter­
mination of density
Scope: This Uganda Standard specifies a method for
(Act No. / of 1983, Section 15) determining the density of wood-based panels.
NOTICE EOR DECLARATION OE NATIONAL 6. US ISO 12460-1:2007, Wood-based panels—
STANDARDS Determination of formaldehyde release - Part 1:
Formaldehyde emission by the 1-cubic-metre chamber
h' is HHRt-BY NoiUH-.i) foe general information that the method.
National Standards Council, in exercise of (he powers Scope: This Uganda Standard specifics a I m‘ chamber
conferred upon the Council by Section 15 of the Uganda method for the determination of the formaldehyde
National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) Act (Cap 327). hereby emission from wood-based panels under defined
declare that the following standards the scopes of which conditions, relating to typical conditions in real-life.
appear hereunder, arc elaborated Uganda National Standards.
7. US ISO 16979-1:2003, Wood-based panels—
These standards may be viewed (and/or obtained at a fee) at Determination of moisture content
the UNBS Head Office. Plot M217 Nakawa Industrial Area. Scope: This Uganda Standard specifies a method for
P.O. Box 6329. Kampala, Tel: 0414-222367/9. 0414- determining the moisture content of wood-based panels.
505995, Eax: 0414-286123, E-mail:
8. US EAS 497:2008, Colours of the cores of flexible
L US 816:2008, Specification for clay roofing tiles and cables and cords
ridges Scope: I his Uganda Standard applies to flexible cables
Scope: This Uganda Standard covers clay roofing tiles and cords with not more than fives cores. The object of
and ridges intended for use as root coverings where this standard is to establish a standard colour
durability and appearance ate required to pros ide a identification tor the earthing core in flexible cables and
weather-resistant surface ol specified design. '1 his cords. The introduction of the same identification code
standard specifies requirements for Mangalore. in all countries would remove thi risk ol accidents due
Marseilles. Roman anil Portuguese roofing tiles and clay to connecting plugs to flexible cables or cords attached
roofing ridges. to imported appliances. This risk may occur where the