Uganda Government Gazette dated 2008-06-20 number 31

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Luanda Gazette
Vol. CI No. 31 20th June, 2008 Price: Shs. 1000

CONTENTS Page General Notice No. 336 of 2008.
The Mining Act—Notice ... ... ... 273 THE COMPANIES ACT, LAWS OF UGANDA. 2000.
The Companies Act—Notice ... ... ... 273 (Cap. 110).
Top Security Services Limited—Notice ... ... 273 NOTICE.
The Advocates Act—Notice ... ... ... 274 Pursuant to section 19(4) of the Companies Act, notice
The Trademarks Act—Registration of Applications 274 is hereby given that United Retail Company Limited has by
Advertisements ... ... ... ... 274-276 special Resolution passed on the 29th day of February, 2008
SUPPLEMENTS and with the approval of the Registrar of Companies
Bills changed in name to UAP Properties Limited and that such
No. 8—The National Information Technology Authority,
new name has been entered in my Register.
Uganda Bill, 2008.
Dated at Kampala this 16th day of June, 2008.
No. 9—The Trademarks Bill, 2008.
No. 10—The Finance Bill, 2008. Assistant Registrar of Companies.
No. 11—The Income Tax (Amendment) Bill, 2008.
No. 12—The Excise Tariff (Amendment) Bill, 2008. General Notice No. 337 of 2008.
No. 13—The Value Added Tax (Amendment) Bill, 2008. TOP SECURITY SERVICES LIMITED
No. 14—The Stamps (Amendment) Bill, 2008. NOTICE
No. 15—The Physical Planning Bill, 2008. Pursuant to the provisions of regulation 15(2) of the
Control of Private Security Organisations Regulations 1997
Statutory Instruments (Statutory Instrument No. 13) the general public is hereby
No. 21—The Taxes and Duties (Provisional Collection) notified that the duly recognised operational personnel of
Order, 2008. Top Security Services Limited shall exclusively don a
No. 22—The Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions uniform adequately described as below:
Act (Establishment of College of Health Sciences, The Uniform parts and colors will be as follows:
Makerere University) Order, 2008. (a) Uniform Trouser:
No. 23—The Town and Country Planning (Declaration of 1 Navy blue, with 1 yellow strip on the left and right
Planning Area and Structure Plan) Order, 2008. from the waist to bottom.
Legal Notices 2. 1 inside pocket on the left and right sides.
No. 6—The Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions Act 3. 1 side pocket on left with a flap and same on the right.
4. 1 inside behind pocket on the right.
(Uganda Bible Institute) Notice, 2008.
5. 5 belt holders in waist.
No. 7—The Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions Act
6. Elastics at both leg bottoms.
(Register of Public and Private Universities) Notice, 2008.
(b) Uniform shirt:
1. Orange shirt with 5 inch navy blue strip running from
right shoulder down across to the bottom left of the
General Notice No. 335 of 2008. 2. 2 side pockets left and right with flaps and batons.
THE MINING ACT. 2003 3. Left hand side pocket sewn partly over the navy blue
(The Mining Regulations, 2004) strip.
4. Right hand side pocket flap partly sewn over the
navy blue strip.
It is hereby notified that an Exploration Licence, 5. Two navy blue shoulder flaps with buttons on either
Number EL. 0332 registered as Number 000410 has been side of the shirt.
granted in accordance with the provisions of Section 27 and 6. Company logo in golden yellow triangle with words
Section 29 to M/s Majest-com Ltd. of P.O. Box 7898, ‘Top Security’ inside triangle written (woven) in
Kampala for a period of three years effective from 6th June. navy blue colors on each shoulder.
2008. (c) Cap: Navy blue, with Company logo in forehead.
The Exploration .Area subject to the Exploration Licence is (d) Lanyard: Navy Blue and orange strips.
0.402Knr and is on Topography Map, Sheet Number 78/2 (e) Belt: Woven belt, navy blue with an orange strip in the
situated in Lyantonde District middle.
Dated at Entebbe this 6th day of June. 2008. (f) Rain Coat: Navy blue with wording (Top Security)
printed in white at the back.
C.B WANDERA. (g) Shoes: Black shoes, boots.
for Commissioner for Geological Survey MAYAMBALA SSEKASI.
and Mines Department. General Manager.