Uganda Government Gazette dated 2006-11-21 number 68



^ Uganda Gazette
Vol. XCVIX No. 68 21st November, 2006 Price: Shs. 1000

CON 1 ENTS Page (73) Name of applicant— Nintendo Co. Ltd.
The Trademarks Act—Registrant of Appaobous 993 (77) Address— 11-1, Hokotate-cho, Kamitoba, Minami-ku,
SUPPLEMENTS Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, Japan.
Statutory Instruments (74) C/o M/s. Sengendo & Co. Advocates, P.O. Box 6914,
No. 64—The Electoral Comimssaoe vpnn-r of Date Kampala, Uganda.
of Completion of Updaae of n Apac (22) Date offiling application— 3rd May, 2006
District) Instrument. 2ÚJÉ.
No. 65—The Uganda Nxnoex ZLaacs Muxtti .Act 2CCt (21) Application No. 29215 in Part “A”.
(Commencement r-v-rr Zffit 52) Class 30
kGeneral Notice No. 61- of 2Sút.
Notice is gevejkme fsa-RAgw»1»
to oppose the ressraaa
* wfw eSx^b^. I 4&A-
herein may <af — CN5ee_ coffee essences, coffee
lodge a Notice ex cecorsEms' « ËES^ £&. 6
together »iri x see -W® ími i^bes «7
applicants or USS 25' rr ctse Fa^s-ar j^rT| l ®3
penod of kxkxx Sixes if cewaarx
suitable cases by ae s le lnsÊs fit miimTb J
as he mn darax Format crtRssrae awt
after reasonable rrr tiss hast p
* c* i3&rwF=5i3^taB3
so that he may have an oppcr^oo t «xtKEw Jws^Tss—~a
before the expense of opprsJAT prxeeánes * agssgd.
Failure to give such notice ww ce ofaex i«- scam a
considering any application by the appease ix *
costs if the opposition is uncocsesKd by "áe
Representations of the marks herein advertises sac se
at the office of the Registrar of Trade Maries. Anaa ^rweg
Plot No. 5B George Street. P.O. Box 6848. Krraa

(21) ~ ~a’
Application No. 28742 in Pa*
(52) Class 28.

(53) Wii
(57) Nature of goods—Hand-held games with liquid crystals
displays; AC adapters for hand-held games with hqttid
crystal displays; parts and fittings for hand-held games
with liquid crystal displays; playing cards; card game
toys and their accessories; other toys; card games and
their accessories; game machines and apparatus;
amusement machines and apparatus for use in (73) Name ofspates— L aaaed
amusement parks (other than arcade video game (77) Address— La» 1 aa» fcctf ismssMrf Vsx. P.O.
machines); dolls; Go games; Japanese chess (Shogi Box 30032-Gúiúú Mm.
games); Japanese playing cards (Utagaruta); dice;
(74) C/o. MMAKS Advoorrs. Fc»?r Du—-—* Tnsst
Japanese dice games (Sugoroku); dice cups; diamond
games; chess games; checkers (checker sets); Building P.O. Box 7166. Kg-icaix
conjuring apparatus; dominoes; Japanese playing cards (22) Date offiling application— lOch October. 2006.
(Hanafuda); mah-jong; billiard equipment; toys for
domestic pets; sports equipment; wax for skis; fishing Kampala, MAUDAH ATUZARIRWE,
tackle; insect collecting implements. 10th November, 2006. Assistant Registrar of Trade Marks.