Uganda Government Gazette dated 2006-10-20 number 62

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ë= Uganda Gazette
Vol. XCVIX No. 62 20th October, 2006 Price: Shs. M»

CONTENTS Page Now therefore, in exercise of the powers conferred wcc
The Uganda Communications Act—Notice............. 939 the Minister responsible for communication by SecMw
The Advocates Act—Notices ............................ 940 11(1) of the Uganda Communications Act. Cap. 106. Laws
Luweero Town Council—Notice............................ 940 of Uganda, these Guidelines are issued to the Uganda
The Companies Act—Notice ............................ 941 Communications Commission on this 13th day of October.
The Trademarks Act—Registration of Applications 941-943 2006.
Advertisements ..................................................... 943-946
The Uganda Communications Commission w ill under the
SUPPLEMENT mandate granted to it by the Uganda Communications Act.
make recommendation to the Minister in respect of the grant
Statutory Instrument
of infrastructure licenses and shall accordingly follow the
No. 47—The National Social Security Fund (Interest on Guidelines below:
Benefits) Order, 2006.
(i) Open the infrastructure provision to full competition.
This means that investors can now apply to get licences to
CORRIGENDUM provide infrastructure.
It is hereby notified that the Class and Goods of Trademark
(ii) In the context of these guidelines, infrss^sctar resets
No. 29183 ‘FAPCO’ in the name of FONTANA AUTO
to plant, equipment and sysiess assecsssed ée
P.ARTS (U) LIMITED advertised in the The Uganda
transmission. recedes cc sad rsf £^mpnmisamc3K
Gazette Vol. XCVIX No. 59 under General Notice No. 534
of 2006 dated 29th September. 2006 were wrongly put as
12; Auto parts, motor vehicles, motor cycles.
The correct Class and Goods for this application should read
9; Car batteries and all or any other goods in class 9.
Dated at Kampala this 12th day of October, 2006.
(iv) Licensing of wireless based infrastructure wifi depend
on the availability of spectrum.
Assistant Registrar of Trademarks. (v) Ensure that operations of both existing and new
entrants are in conformity with the principles of fear
competition in regard to each other and in regard fe? csax
General Notice No. 556 of 2006. Service providers.
THE UGANDA COMMUNICATIONS ACT. CAP. 106, (vi) Recognise and provide for the right of the prwme
LAWS OF UGANDA individuals or entities to put in place their own pri»jae
(Section 11(1) and (2) of the Uganda Communications Act) infrastructure, if they so wish.
(vii) Follow the principle of technology neutrality in
granting the Licences.
Following the end of the exclusivity period for the two
National Operators, UTL and MTN on 24th July, 2005, the Further, in exercise of the powers conferred upon the
Telecommunications Policy Guidelines were issued on 11th Minister responsible for communication by Section 11( 1) of
May, 2006, to guide the sector and in turn, a new the Uganda Communications Act. Cap. 106. Laws cfi
Telecommunication Licensing regime, became effective on Uganda, the Minister reserves the right to review
14th August. 2006. Guidelines as and when the need arises.

Whereas the 11th May, 2006 Policy Guidelines gave
These Guidelines may be cited is the
sector direction in respect of only telecommunications
Communications (Telecommuniratinnt iarioi
service provision and not telecommunications infrastructure
Guidelines, 2006 and shall come mat
of November. 2006.
And whereas further consultations have revealed that it is
imperative that the sector be opened up fully for HON D3U
infrastructure provision. Minister for and