Uganda Government Gazette dated 2005-11-21 number 74


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^Uganda Gazette
Vol. XCVIII No. 74 21st November, 2005 Price: Shs. 1000

CONTENTS Page (b) A Technical Certificate or a Diploma awarded by
The National Council for Higher Education—Notice 787-788 UNEB or other recognised examining body to a person
The Political Parties and Organisations Act—Notices 788 who holds a UCE Certificate and has studied for at
The Electoral Commission Act—Notices ... 788 least two continuous years in a technical institution.
(c) A Business Certificate awarded by UNEB to a person
No. 16—The Presidential Elections Act, 2005.
who holds a UCE level Certificate and has studied for at
Na 17—The Parliamentary Elections Act. 2005.
least two years continuously in a recognised Business
iNo. IS—The Political Parties and Organisations Act, 2005.
Institution by the Ministry of Education and Sports.
No. 19—The National Agricultural Research Act. 2005.

(d) Any person who holds a certificate issued by a
General Notice No. 556 of 2005. nationally recognised university after a mature entrance
THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS ACT. 2005 examination will be deemed to have an Advanced level
(Act No. 16 of 2005). standard equivalent.
Sections 4 (I) (c), 4(3)(c). 4 (8)
THE PARLIAMENTARY ELECTIONS ACT. 2005 (e) A certificate or diploma awarded by a body recognised by
(Act No. 17 of 2005). NCHE to a person as an engineer, technician or pilot who
Sections 4(1) (c). and 4 (5), 4(6), 4 (7) holds "O” level certificate and who has taken a course
lasting for at least two continuous years after ”O" level.
/ 2005 (f) A certificate or diploma awarded to a hotelier who has
THE UGANDA ADVANCED CERTIFICATE OF taken a course of at least two years duration after "O"
EDUCATION AND ITS EQUIVALENT FOR PERSONS level in an institution recognised by the NCHE.
PARLIAMENTARY AND LOCAL COUNCIL FIVE (g) Nurse's Certificate awarded by the Nurses and Mid­
PREAMBLE wifery Council if the course lasted at least 2 years after
"O" level.
By virtue of the powers conferred upon the National Council
for Higher Education (NCHE) under Section 4 of the
Presidential Elections Act, 2005 and Section 4 Parliamentary (h) A certificate awarded by a military, police or Prisons
Elections Act. 2005 and Sectionl(2) the Local Governments College or academy or school recognised by the
(Amendment) Act, 2005. the National Council for Higher relevant Ministry to a person who has after ‘O’ level
Education hereby publishes the following list of qualifications completed an approved course of not less than nine
considered as ‘A’ Level or its equivalent. months at the college, academy or school.
1. A person shall be deemed to have an ‘A'level certificate
of education on presentation of an original ‘A’ level (i) Or other qualifications acceptable to the Council as
certificate issued by the Uganda National Examinations equivalent to ’A’ Level.
Board (UNEB), the East African Examinations Council
or Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate. SCHEDULE 2
2. In the event of the loss of the original certificate, a person
purporting to have an ‘A* level certificate shall produce an Equivalences based on qualifications obtained elsewhere:
original letter of verification of resuits issued by UNEB.
Candidates presenting qualifications obtained outside
3. A person who does not possess an *A’ Level certificate as
Uganda shall be required to prove to the satisfaction of the
in (1) above shall be required to produce evidence of an
equivalent qualification as in Schedules (1) and (2). NCHE that admission to that programme (in a recognised
institution) was obtained on the basis of Advanced Level
Standard of Education or its equivalent.
Equivalences based on qualifications obtained within
Uganda from recognised institutions: SCHEDULE 3
t'aj A Grade III Teacher’s certificate awarded by
institutions recognised by the Ministry of Education Candidates presenting their qualification to NCHE for
and Spons and its agencies to a person who pursues a verification/equating resulting into the issuance of a
course for two years after UCE level or Grade II certificate referred to in the Presidential. Parliamentary
Teachers’ Certificate and has taken a Grade III course Elections Acts. 2005 and The Local Govern/nej
lasting for at least two continuous years. (Amendment) Act. 2005 shall pay UGX. 750 000. I