Uganda Government Gazette dated 2005-11-11 number 72


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Vol. XCVIII No. 72 11th November, 2005 - Price: Shs. 1000

CONTENTS Page General Notice No. 548 of 2005.
The National Environment Regulations—Notice 775
The Trade Marks Act— Registration of applications 775-777
(Cap. 83).
Advertisements ... ... ... ... 778-780
Notice is hereby given that any person who has grounds to
SUPPLEMENTS oppose the registration of any of the marks advertised herein
Acts may within sixty days from the dat^-of this Gazette, lodge a
Notice of opposition on Trade Mark Form No. 6 together with
No. 12—The Finance (No. 2) Act, 2005.
a fee of Shs. 4000 in case of National applicants or USS 250 in
No. 13—The Income Tax (Amendment) Act, 2005. case of Foreign applicants. The period of lodging Notice of
No. 14—The Excise Tariff (Amendment) Act, 2005. opposition may be extended in suitable cases by the Registrar as
he thinks fit upon such terms as he may direct. Formal
No. 15—The Value Added Tax (Amendment) Act, 2005.
opposition should not be lodged until after reasonable notice
has been given by letter to the applicant so that he may have
an opportunity to withdraw his application before the
expense of opposition proceedings is incurred. Failure to
General Notice No. 547 of 2005. give such notice will be taken into account in considering
any application by the opponent for an order for costs if the
opposition is uncontested by the applicant. Representations
of the marks herein advertised can be inspected at the office
of the Registrar of Trade Marks, Amamu House, Plot No.
5B George Street, P.Q. Box 6848, Kampala.
(21) Application i ,o. 28129 in Part “A”.
(52) Class 16.


MANAGEMENT) REGULATIONS, 1999 REGULATION (53) Disclaimer-—Registration of this Trademark shall give
7(1)(C) no right to the exclusive use of the letters U, M and
L except as represented.
Take notice that application for Licence for Transportation (59)
of Hazardous Wastes has been received by the National (64)
Environment Management Authority (NEMA) from BBM (57) Nature of goods— All goods included in class 16.
Integrated Technical Services Ltd. P.O. Box 33838, (73) Name of applicant— Uganda Micro Finance Limited.
Kampala. (77) Address— P.O. Box 10184, Kampala, Uganda.
The transportation of hazardous waste will take place from
workshops, petrol stations and garages from all over the (22) Date offding application— 21st October, 2005.
country to Plot 321 Masaka Road, Tomusange Zone,
Lubaga Division where it will be disposed of by firing (21) Application No. 28164 in Part “A”.
furnaces in a foundry. (52) Class 16.
NEMA will proceed to grant the Licence for transportation of
waste if no objections are received at NEMA Offices or at the (53)
District Environment Office, Kampala City Council within (59)
thirty (30) days from the date of publication of this notice. (64)
(57) Nature ofgoods—Sanitary pads and all goods included
Dated al Kampala this 1st day of November, 2005.
in Class 16.
(73) Name of applicant—Mjengu Ltd.
ARYAMANYA-MUGISHA HENRY, (77) Address— P.O. Box 20161, Kampala. Uganda.
Executive Director, (74)
National Environment Management Authority (NEMA). (22) Date offding application— 1 st November, 2005.