Uganda Government Gazette dated 2005-10-14 number 67


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Vol. XCVIII No. 67 14th October, 2005 Price: Shs. 1000

CONTENTS Page witness or person or any evidence or
photograph of any such witness or person or
The Commissions of Inquiry Act-—Notice............... 741 any evidence or information referred to in
The Political Parties and Organisations Act—Notice 742 this rule;
The Advocates Act—Notices.......................... 742-743
The Trade Marks Act— Registration of applications 743-744 (b) Any person who contravenes any order or
Advertisements ............................................................ 745-748 direction made by the Commission pursuant
to sub-rule (a) of this rule, shall, without
SUPPLEMENTS prejudice to section 107 of the Penal Code
Statutory Instrument Act (Cap. 120), be guilty of an offence and
No. 77—The Public Enterprises Reform and Divestiture shall be liable to a fine not exceeding fifty
(Amendment of First Schedule) Instrument, 2005. thousand shillings.
No. 26—The Labour Unions Bill, 2005. 4. Without the leave of the Commission, no evidence
No. 27—The Labour Disputes (Arbitration and Settlement) shall be adduced to the inquiry in public concerning
Bill, 2005. or relating to any matter prejudicial to the security,
No. 28—The Employment Bill, 2005. good order or public interest of the State.
No. 29—The Occupational Safety and Health Bill, 2005.
5. Any person who is called as a witness before the
Commission or who is in any way implicated or
General Notice No. 509 of 2005. concerned in any matter under inquiry by the
Commission, or who desires to be represented, shall
THE COMMISSIONS OF INQUIRY ACT. be entitled to be represented by an advocate of his or
(Cap. 166). her own choice.
6. The Lead Counsel or Assistant Lead Counsel of the
ALLEGATIONS OF MISMANAGEMENT OF THE Commission will present evidence in chief relating to
GLOBAL FUND TO FIGHT HIV/AIDS, the inquiry and referred to in the Terms of Reference
TUBERCLOSIS AND MALARIA of the Commission; and may also cross-examine any
In exercise of the powers conferred upon the Commission 7. The Commission may summon any person or
under Section 8 of the Commissions of Inquiry Act (Cap. persons to testify on oath and may call for the
166). the Commission of Inquiry into Allegations of production of such books, documents and plans as
Mismanagement of Funds by the Global Fund to fight the Commission may require.
HIV/AIDS, Tubcrclosis and Malaria (“Global Fund")
hereby makes the following rules: 8. Any person who is in any way implicated or
concerned in any matter under inquiry may adduce
1. The Attorney-General will be free to appear before
material evidence on his behalf in connection with
the Commission as amicus curiae.
the matter under inquiry.
2. Public hearings shall be held on notice by the
Commission on any working day. 9. The Commission may call for any further evidence on
3(a) Subject to any direction, made by the Commission any point relating to any matter before the Commission
pursuant to rule 4 below the inquiry shall be held in and may recall any witness for further examination.
public, but the Commission may exclude any person
or class of persons from all or any part of the public 10. Evidence shall be adduced by question and answer
proceedings of the inquiry if satisfied that it is method:
desirable to do so for reasons of:
Provided that the Commission may call for written
fi) the preservation of order; witness statements or, as the case may be. for
(ii) the due conduct of the inquiry; or affidavits or interrogatories under sub-section (2) of
(iii) the protection of the person, property or section 9 of the Commissions of Inquiry Act.
reputation of any witness in the inquiry or any
person referred to in the course of the Dated this 8th day of October. 2005.
proceedings and may, if satisfied that it is
desirable for any of the above purposes to do HON. JUSTICE JAMES OGOOLA.
so, order that no person shall publish the Chairpcrson/Principat Judge
name, address or photograph of any such Commission of Inquiry into the Global Fund.