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Vol. XCVIII No. 56 2nd September, 2005 Price: Shs. 1000

CONTENTS Page 3 US 551:2005 Rating of direct coupled photovoltaic
The Uganda National Bureau of Standards (PV) pumping systems
Act—Notices........................................................ 675-680 Scope: This Uganda Standard defines predicted short­
The Trade Marks Act— Registration of applications 681-684 term characteristics (instantaneous and for a typical
Advertisements .......................................................... 685-686 daily period) of direct coupled photovoltaic (PV) water
o.„ SUPPLEMENTS pumping systems. It also defines minimum actual
No. 21—The Appropriation Bill, 2005. performance values to be obtained on-site. It does not
address PV pumping systems with batteries.
No. 7—The Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces Act, 2005. 4 US 552:2005 Photovoltaic system performance
monitoring — Guidelines for measurement, data
exchange and analysis
General Notice No. 450 of 2005.
Scope: This Uganda standard recommends procedures for
THE UGANDA NATIONAL BUREAU OF STANDARDS the monitoring of energy-related PV system characteristics
ACT, 1983 (ACT No. 1 OF 1983, Section 14) such as in-plane irradiance, array output, storage input and
output and power conditioner input and output; and for the
exchange and analysis of monitored data. The purpose of
NOTICE FOR DECL.ARATION OF NATIONAL these procedures is to assess the overall performance of PV
STANDARDS systems configured as stand-alone or utility grid-connected,
or as hybridised w ith non-PV power sources such as engine
It is hereby noiihed for general information that the
generators and wind turbines.
National Standards Council in exercise of the powers
conferred upon the Council by Section 14 of the Uganda
5 US 553:2005 Thin-film terrestrial photovoltaic (PV)
National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) Act. 1983 hereby modules — Design qualification and type approval
declare that the following Standard Specifications, the
Scope: This Uganda Standard lays down requirements for
scopes of which appear hereunder are elaborated Uganda
the design qualification and type approval of terrestrial thin-
National Specifications.
film photovoltaic modules suitable for long-term operation
The National Standards Council therefore calls upon all in moderate open-air climates, as defined in IEC 60721-2-1.
interested persons or parties that may have any objection The object of this test sequence is to determine the electrical
declaring the Standard Specifications indicated below as and thermal characteristics of the module and to show, as far
Uganda Standards to lodge their objection within 60 days as is possible within reasonable constraints of cost and time,
from the date of publication of this notice. that the module is capable of withstanding prolonged
exposure in climates described in the scope. This standard
These standards may be viewed (and/or obtained at a fee), at does not apply to modules used with concentrators.
the UNBS, Plot M217 Nakawa Industrial Area, P.O. Box
6329, Kampala, Tel: 222367/505995, 031 262688/689, Fax 6 US 554: 2005 Terrestrial photovoltaic (PV) power
286123, E-mail: generating systems — General and guide
Scope: This Uganda Standard constitutes a guide and
1 US 218: 2005 Solar photovoltaic power systems — gives an overview of terrestrial PV power generating
Terms and symbols systems and the functional elements of such systems.
Scope: This Uganda Standard specifies terms of
elements (solar cells and solar cell modules), equipments 7 US 463-2:2005 Photovoltaic devices — Part 2:
(power conditioner and storage batteries) and Requirements for reference solar cells
photovoltaic systems used in relation with photovoltaic Scope: This standard gives requirements for the
power generation. This is the second edition of US 218 classification, selection, packaging, marking calibration
and has been extensively revised. and care of reference solar cells.

2 US 469: 2005 Characteristic parameters of 8 US 463- 3:2005 Photovoltaic devices — Part 3:
standalone photovoltaic (PV) systems Measurement principles for photovoltaic (PV) solar
Scope: This Uganda Standard defines the major devices with reference spectral irradiance data
electrical, mechanical and environmental parameters for Scope: This Uganda standard applies to the following
the description and performance analysis of stand-alone crystalline silicon photovoltaic devices for terrestrial
photovoltaic systems. applications: