Uganda Government Gazette dated 2005-05-27 number 28


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Vol. XCVIHNo. 28 27th May, 2005 Price: Shs. 1000

CONTENTS Page The Authority, since 2003, has prepared a total of 13
Hie PPDA Act—Notice .................................... 181 Guidelines as follows—
Hie Companies Act—Notices ............................. 181-182
1. Thresholds for using Procurement methods (1/2003)—
Fhe Advocates Act—Notices ............................. 182-184
Regulation 106(4).
The Trade Marks Act— Registration of applications 184-188
Advertisements............................................................ 188-190 2. Reference numbers for Procurement and Disposal
ff/// SUPPLEMENTS Transactions (2/2003)—Regulations 104(3) and 296(5).
3. Bid and Performance Securities (3/2003)—Regulations
Mo. 10—The Police (Amendment) Bill, 2005. 152(2) and 232(3).
Candor)’ Instruments 4. Codes of Ethical Conduct (4/2003)—Regulation 87(4)
Mo. 41—The Financial Institutions (Licensing) Regulations, 5. Safe Keeping of Records (5/2003)—Regulation 92(5).
6. Administrative Review Fee (6/2003)—Regulation 345(3).
Mo. 42—The Financial Institutions (Capital Adequacy 7. Standard letter of Bid Acceptance (7/2003)—
Requirements) Regulations, 2005. Regulation 228(1).
43—The Financial Institutions (Credit Classification 8. Procurement and Disposal Guideline for Schools
and Provisioning) Regulations, 2005. (1/2004)—Section 97
\’o. 44—The Financial Institutions (Limits on Credit 9. Notice Formats under 7th Schedule to PPDA
Concentration and Large Exposures) Regulations, 2005. Regulations (2/2004)—Regulation 7.
Mo.45—The Financial Institutions (Insider Lending Limits) 10. Monthly Reports (3/2004)—Regulation 118.
Regulations, 2005. 11. Procedure for use of PPDA’s Website by PDEs
X’o. 40—The Financial Institutions (Liquidity) Regulations, (4/2004)—Regulation 10(1).
2005. 12. Appointment of members of Contracts Committee
Vo. 47—The Financial Institutions (Corporate Governance) (5/2004)—Section 27.
Regulations. 2005. 13. Third Party Procurement or Disposal Providers
Sa. 48—The Financial Institutions (Ownership and (6/2004)—Section 97.
Control) Regulations, 2005.
Under Section 97 of the PPDA Act, it is a legal requirement
Vo. 49—The Traffic and Road Safety (Speed of Motor
that the Guidelines are gazetted. These Guidelines have
Vehicle) (Exemption) (No. 2) Order, 2005. been reviewed and cleared by the office of the First
Parliamentary Counsel (FPC) in the Ministry of Justice and
CORRIGENDUM Constitutional Affairs and are available at the Offices of the
Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets
Ihe Trademark No. 24607 Malibu & Palmtree & Sun Authority, I Pilkington Road, I4lh Floor, Workers House,
device in the name of Allied Domcco Spirits & Wine USA, P.O. Box 3925, Kampala, Uganda, Tel: 256 (041)
Inc. formerly Guiness United Distillers & Vintners 230316/231008, 256 (031) 261231/2 Fax: 256 (041) 344858.
Amsterdam B.V. advertised in the Uganda Gazette Volume
(CV No. 45 under General Notice No. 251 of 2002 dated EDGAR AGABA,
!6(h July. 2002 was incorrectly advertised in Class 16 when Executive Director.
ttually it should read Class 33.
Dated at Kampala this 1st day of April, 2005.
General Notice No. 150 of 2005.
Assistant Registrar of Trademarks.
(Cap. 110).
kncral Notice No. 149 of 2005.
OF PUBLIC ASSETS ACT, 2003 Pursuant to section 19 (4) of the Companies Act, Notice is
hereby given that UGANDA RE LIMITED has by Social
Resolution passed on 1st March. 2005 and with the approval
he Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets of the Registrar of Companies changed in name to Uganda
Vuihority (PPDA) is established under Act 1 of 2003 to REINSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED and that such new
^<rvisc and regulate all public procurement and disposal name has been entered in my register.
unities of procuring and disposing entities. Under Section
Dated at Kampala, this 5th day of May. 2005.
7 of the PPDA Act, the Authority is required to issue
sidelines from time to time to these entities for the better BEN TURYASINGURA,
.iHjing out of the objectives of the Act. Assistant Registrar of Companies.