Uganda Government Gazette dated 2005-02-14 number 7


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Vol. XCVIII No. 7 14th February, 2005 Price: Shs. 1000

CONTENTS Page (21) Application No. 26753 in Part “A”.
The Trade Marks Act— Registration of applications 39-40 (52) Class 3.
Advertisement ............................................................ 40
No. 2—The Constitution (Amendment) Bill, 2005.

General Notice No. 46 of 2005.
(Cap. 83). (59)
NOTICE. (64) Association-— To be associated with Trademark Nos.
Notice is hereby given that any person who has grounds 565 and 26558.
to oppose the registration of any of the marks advertised
(57) Nature of goods— Soaps; detergents; bleaching
herein may within sixty days from the date of this Gazette,
lodge a Notice of opposition on Trade Mark Form No. 6 preparations, cleaning preparations; perfumery, toilet
together with a fee of Shs. 4000 in case of National water, aftershave, cologne; essential oils;
applicants or USS 250 in case of Foreign applicants. The aromatherapy products; massage preparations;
period of lodging Notice of opposition may be extended in deodorants and antiperspirants; preparations for the
suitable cases by the Registrar as he thinks fit upon such care of the scalp and hair; shampoos and conditioners;
terms as he may direct. Formal opposition should not be hair colourants; hair styling products; toothpaste;
lodged until after reasonable notice has been given by letter mouthwash; preparations for the care of the mouth and
to the applicant so that he may have an opportunity to teeth; non-medicated toilet prepartions; bath and
withdraw his application before the expense of opposition shower preparations; skin care preparations; oils;
proceedings is incurred. Failure to give such notice will be
creams and lotions for the skin; shaving preparations;
taken into account in considering any application by the
pre-shave and aftershave preparations; depilatory
opponent for an order for costs if the opposition is
uncontested by the applicant. Representations of the marks preparations; sun-tanning and sun protections
herein advertised can be inspected at the office of the preparations; cosmetics; make-up and make-up
Registrar of Trade Marks, Amamu House, Plot No. 5B removing preparations; petroleum jelly; lip care
George Street, P.O. Box 6848, Kampala. preparations; talcum powder; cotton wool, cotton
sticks; cosmetic pads, tissues or wipes; pre-moistened
(21) Application No. 26623 in Part “A”. or impregnated cleansing pads, tissues or wipes;
(52) Class 3. beauty masks, facial packs.
(73) Name of applicant— Unilever Pic.
FOAM ACTIVE (77) Address— Port Sunlight, Wirral, Merseyside, United
(64) (74) C/o M/s. Sengendo & Co. Advocates P.O. Box 6914,
(57) Nature of goods— Detergents; preparations and Kampala, Uganda.
substances, all for laundry use; fabric conditioning (22) Date offiling application— 29th June, 2004.
preparations, fabric softeners; bleaching preparations;
stain removing preparations; deodorizing and
freshening preparations for use on clothing and (21) Application No. 26842 in Part “A”.
textiles; soaps, soaps for brightening textiles; hand
(52) Class 30.
washing preparations; laundry starch; cleaning,
polishing, scouring and abrasive preparations. (54)
(73) Name of applicant— Unilever Plc.
(77) Address— Port Sunlight, Wirral, Merseyside, United
(74) C/o M/s. Sengendo & Co. Advocates P.O. Box 6914, (53)
Kampala, Uganda. (59)
(22) Date offiling application— 4th May, 2004. (64)