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Vol. XCVI No. 53 24th October, 2003 Price: Shs. 1000

CONTENTS Page 5. US 509 2003—Specification for fortified milled maize
The Uganda National Bureau of Standards products
Act—Notices.................................................. 327-332 Scope: This standard applies to fortified maize flour,
The Advocates Act—Notice ................................... 333 fortified whole maize meal, and fortified degermed
The Trademarks Act—Alteration of a Registered maize meal prepared from kernels of common maize.
Trademark ........................................................ 333 Zea mays L and intended for human consumption. It
The Trade Marks Act— Registration of applications 333-338 does not apply to maize or other maize products for
Advertisements ........................................................ 338 which other standards apply.
6. US 510 :2003—Specification for fortified sugar
General Notice No. 310-of 2003. Scope: This Uganda Standard specifies requirements for
THE UGANDA NATIONAL BUREAU OF fortified sugar intended for human consumption. It
STANDARDS ACT. 1983 applies to fortified plantation or mill-white sugar and
(Act No. / of 1983. Section !4) fortified refined sugar. It does not apply to other ty pes of
NOTICE sugar for which other standards do apply.
7. US 511: 2003—Specification for fortified edible fats
STANDARDS and oils
U :s hereby notified for general information that the National Scope: This Uganda Standard prescribes the
Standards Council in exercise of the powers conferred upon requirements for fortified edible fats and oils intended
ihc Council by Section 14 of the Uganda National Bureau of for human consumption.
Standards (UNBS) Act. 1983 hereby declare that the
f ollowing Standard Specifications, the c<'pe> of which appear 8. US 208:2003—Specification for fortified wine
hereunder arc elaborated Uganda N.m^nal Specifications. Scope: This Uganda Standard prescribes the
The National Standard.^ C ' ;i>CFCi —e calls upon all requirements and methods of test for fortified w ines.
interested persons or parties Lt.a may hu*-e any objection 9. US 209:2003—Specification for sparkling wine
declaring the Standard Spcc::k\r.i md-cated below as
Scope: This Uganda Standard specifies the requirements
Uganda Standards k Idgc them . bject: ? w.’hin 60 days
and methods of test for sparkling wines. It covers red
from the date of puh’Lamv-n ct n. 'icc
sparkling wines, white sparkling wines and rose
These standards may be viewed * mJ or . brened at a fee), at
sparkling wines.
the UNBS. Plot M217 Nakawa Industrial Area. P.O. Box
6329. Kampala. Tel: 222367/505995. 031 2(On' 6nM. Fax 10. US 210:2003—Specification for still table wine
286123. E-mail: Scope: This Uganda Standard prescribes the
requirements and methods of test for still table w ine.
1. US 45:2003—General standard for food additives
Scope: This Uganda Standard lists the food additives 1. US 306:2003—Specification for standard sand
which have been evaluated by the Joint FAOAVHO Scope: This Uganda standard specifies the source,
Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA) and preparation and properties of standard sand to be used
found acceptable for use in foods. with a standard coarse aggregate for making concrete
prisms used for testing cement.
2. US 48:2003—Specification for imitation soft drinks (
Scope: This Uganda Standard prescribes the 2. US 310:2002—Cement—Part 1 Composition,
requirements and methods of test for imitation soft specifications and conformity criteria for common
drinks. This standard covers imitation drink made from cements Amendment
natural, identical or synthetic colourings, flavourings, For amendment of the designation of normal setting
emulsions, waler, sugar and other optional ingredients or cement with letter N
mixtures thereof. Scope: This Uganda standard specifies the properties of
3. US 500:2003—Guidelines for nutrition labelling of food the constituents of common cement and the proportions
Scope: These guidelines recommend procedures for the in which they are to be combined to produce arrange of
nutrition labelling of foods. These guidelines apply to types, compositions and strengths classes of cement.
the nutrition labelling of all foods.
3. US 317:2003—Hydraulic road binders—Composition,
4. US 508:2003—Guidelines for nutrition and health specification and conformity' criteria
claims for food Scope: This Uganda standard specifics properties of the
Scope: These guidelines relate to claims made for a food constituents of common cements and proportions in which
irrespective of whether or not the food is covered by an they are to be combined to produce a range of types,
individual Uganda Standard. compositions and strength classes.