Uganda Government Gazette dated 2003-09-26 number 45



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Vol. XCVI No. .45 26th September, 2003 Price: Shs. 1000

CONTENTS Page (21) Application No. 26011 in Part “A”.
The Companies Act—Notice.............. ... 291 (52) Class 32.
The Trade Marks Act— Registration of applications 291 -295 (54)
Advertisements ........................................................ 295-298
Statutory Instruments
No. 74—The Land Acquisition (Mutungo and Luzira)
Instrument. 2003.
No. 75—The Civil Procedure (Amendment) (Judicial (64)
Review) Rules, 2003. (57) Nature ofgoods— Beer; mineral and aerated waters and
other non-alcoholic drinks; fruit and fruit juices;
Acts syrups and other preparations for making
No. 10—The Supplementary Appropriation Act, 2003. beverages.
No. 11—The Appropriation Act, 2003. (73) Name of applicant— Jetlak Foods Limited.
(77) Address— Off Kiambu Road, Ruiru, P.O. Box 461,
General Notice No. 283 of 2003. Ruiru, 00232, Kenya.
THE COMPANIES ACT, 1964. (74) C/o. M/s. Birungi & Co. Advocates, P.O. Box 9564,
(Cap. 85). Kampala, Uganda.
NOTICE. (22) Date offiling application— 15th August, 2003.
Pursuant to section 20 (3) of the Companies Act notice is
hereby given that M/s Sutherland Sophisticated Safaris Limited (21) Application No. 25665 in Part “A”.
has by Special Resolution passed on 9th September, 2003 and
(52) Class 21.
with the approval of the Registrar of Companies changed its
name to M/s Sutherland International (SI) Limited and that (54)
such new name has been entered in my register.
Dated at Kampala, this 11th day of September, 2003.
Assistant Registrar of Companies.

General Notice No. 284 of 2003.
Lasts Longer and Spines Brighter
(Cap. 83). (53) Disclaimer— Registration of this Trademark shall give
no right to the exclusive use of the words, "Lasts
Longer and Shines Brighter” and “STEEL WOOL”
Notice is hereby given that any person who has grounds to
oppose the registration of any of the marks advertised herein except as represented.
may within sixty days from the date of this Gazette, lodge a (59)
Notice of opposition on Trade Mark Form No. 6 together with a (64) Restriction to Colours— Yellow
fee of Shs. 4000 in case of National applicants or US$ 250 in (57) Nature of goods— Household or kitchen utensils and
case of Foreign applicants. The period of lodging Notice of containers (not of precious metal or coated therewith);
opposition may be extended in suitable cases by the Registrar as combs and sponges; brushes (except paint brushes);
he thinks fit upon such terms as he may direct. Formal brush-making materials; articles for cleaning purposes;
opposition should not be lodged until after reasonable notice has steel wool; un-worked or semi-worked glass (except
been given by letter to the applicant so that he may have an glass used in building); glassware, porcelain and
opportunity to withdraw his application before the expense of earthen ware not included in other classes.
opposition proceedings is incurred. Failure to give such notice (73) Name of applicant— Steelwool (Africa) Limited.
will be taken into account in considering any application by the
opponent for an order for costs if the opposition is uncontested (77) Address— P.O. Box 10105, Nairobi, Kenya.
by the applicant. Representations of the marks herein advertised (74) C/o. M/s. Birungi & Co. Advocates, P.O. Box 9564,
can be inspected at the office of the Registrar of Trade Marks, Kampala, Uganda.
Parliamentary Buildings, P.O. Box 7151, Kampala. a s (22) Date offiling application— 24th April, 2003.
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