Uganda Government Gazette dated 2000-10-27 number 64




Vol. X C III No. 64 27th October, 2000 Price: Shs. 1000

CONTENTS Page 4. Chairperson, Kaabong Urban. Kotido District;
5. Chairperson, Kwcra Sub-county, Lira District;
The Local Governments Act—Notices ............. 487-491 6. Chairperson, Agwata Sub-county, Lira District;
The Local Governments Rating Decree—Notice 492 7. Chairperson, Industrial Division, Mbale District;
The Advocates Act—N otices.................................. 492 8. Chairperson. Katikekile Sub-county, Pallisa District;
The Companies Act—Notices ....................... 492 9. Chairperson, Kabwangasi Sub-county, Pallisa District;
10. Chairperson, Western Division, Tororo District:
The Trade Marks Act-Registration of applications ... 492-494 11. Chairperson, Nawanjofu Sub-county, Tororo District;
Advertisements 494 12. Chairperson, Mugusu Sub-county. Kabarole District;
SUPPLEMENTS 13. Chairperson, Sipi Sub-county, Kapchorwa District;
14. Chairperson, Benet Sub-county, Kapchorwa District;
Statuiorv Iv strwnents 15. Chairperson, Tegeres Sub-county, Kapchorwa District;
No. 75—The National Social Security Fund (Interest on 16. Chairperson. Lwamata Sub-county, Kiboga District; and
Benefits) Order, 2000. 17. Chairperson, Ngando Sub-county, Mpigi District.
4th November, 2000
No. 76— The Traffic and Road Safety (Closure of Road) to
Kampala Order, 2000. 18th November, 2000
District Women Councillors
General Notice No. 390 of 2000. 1. Woman Councillor, Ludara Sub-county, Arua District;
THE LOCAL GOVERNMENTS ACT. 1997. 2. Woman Councillor, Koboko T.C, Arua District;
3. Woman Councillor, Midia Sub-county, Arua District;
Act No. 1 o f 1997. 4. Woman Councillor, Oluvu Sub-county, Arua District;
NOTICE. 5. Woman Councillor, Bubukwango Sub-county, Bundibugyo
APPOINTMENT OF PERIOD OF CAMPAIGNS FOR THE 6. Woman Councillor. Lamogi Sub-county, Gulu District;
LOCAL GOVERNMENTS COUNCIL BY-ELECTIONS IN 7. Woman Councillor, Buyanga/Namalemba Subcounties,
N otice is HEREBY GIVEN by the Electoral Commission that the 8. Woman Councillor, Kitumba Sub-county, Kabale District;
periods specified in the first column are hereby appointed to be the 9. Woman Councillor, Bufundi Sub-county. Kabale District;
10. Woman Councillor. Kawempe South. Kampala District:
periods during which campaigns in the form of joint candidates' 11. Woman Councillor, Matale/Bwamiramira/Kibale T.C. Kibale
meetings will be conducted throughout the areas specified in the District:
Schedule attached to this Notice. 12. Woman Councillor, Nalweyo/Kasambya/Kakindo, Kibale
SCHEDULE. 13. Woman Councillor, Nyakabande Sub-county, Kisoro District;
Period Candidates' Meeting for; 14. Woman Councillor, Rengen/Kachcri Sub-county, Kotido
District Chairperson and Councillors District;
3rd November, 2000 15. Woman Councillor, Kapir Sub-county, Kumi District;
to 16. Woman Councillor. Ngora Sub-county, Kumi District;
24th November, 2000 17 Woman Councillor. Adycl/Ojwina Sub-counties, Lira District:
18. Woman Councillor. Butuntumula Sub-county, Luwero District;
1 . District Chairperson, Ssembabule District; 19: Woman Councillor, Pakanyi Sub-county, Masindi District;
2. Councillor, Logiri Sub-county, Arua District; 20. Woman Councillor, Namatala Ward, Mbale District;
3. Councillor, Ogoko Sub-county, Arua District; 21. Woman Councillor, Bulucheke/Bumayoka/Bubiita Sub­
4. Councillor, Lobule Sub-county, Arua District; counties, Mbale District;
5. Councillor, Library Ward. Gulu District; 22. Woman Councillor, Jangokoro Sub-county, Nebbi District;
6. Councillor, Maziba Sub-county, Kabale District; 23. Woman Councillor. Bwogyera Sub-county, Ntungamo District;
7. Councillor, Bubale Sub-county, Kabale District; 24. Woman Councillor, Butebo/Kibale Sub-counties, Pallisa District;
8. Councillor, Mabaale Sub-county, Kibale District; 25. Woman Councillor, Kobulubolu/Ochero Subcounties, Soroti
9. Councillor, Ikumba Sub-county, Kabale District; District:
26. Woman Councillor, Jinja Municipality West, Jinja District; and
10. Councillor, Bombo T.C, Luwcro District; 27. Woman Councillor, Bungatira Sub-county, Gulu District.
11. Councillor, Nkoma Ward, Mbale District;
12. Councillor, Ruti Ward, Mbarara District; Sub-County/Division Councillors
13. Councillor, Ngarama Sub-county, Mbarara District;
14. Councillor, Nabilatuk Sub-county, Moroto District; 1. Councillor, Paduny, Anaka Sub-county, Gulu District;
15. Councillor, Kakoro Sub-county, Pallisa District; 2. Councillor, Pangur, Alero Sub-county, Gulu District;
16. Councillor, Kamuda Sub-county, Soroti District; 3. Councillor, Panyabono, Alero Sub-county, Gulu District;
17. Councillor, Nyondo Sub-county, Kisoro District; 4. Councillor, Lukwor, Odeki Sub-county, Gulu District;
18. Councillor, Namugongo Sub-county, Kamuli District; 5. Councillor, Kulu/Amuka, Anaka Sub-county, Gulu District;
6. Woman Councillor, Iriaga, Laroo Division, Gulu District;
19. Councillor, Budumba Sub-county, Tororo District; and 7. Councillor, Dhagusi, Malongo Sub-county, Iganga District;
20. Councillor, Adekokwok Sub-county, Lira District. 8. Woman Councillor, Ikumbya, Ikumbya Sub-county, Iganga
Division/Sub-county Chairpersons: District;
9. Woman Councillor, Ntayigirwa, Ikumbya Sub-county, Iganga
1. Chairperson, Odek Sub-county, Gulu District; District;
2. Chairperson. Makindye Division, Kampala District; 10. Woman Councillor, Namusisi, Nawandala Sub-county.
3. Chairperson, Mpeefu Sub-county, Kibale District; Iganga District;