Uganda Government Gazette dated 2000-10-23 number 63



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Vol. X C III No. 63 23rd October, 2000 Price: Shs. 1000

CONTENTS Page 26. Woman Councillor, Nyakabande Sub-county, Kisoro District;
27. Woman Councillor, Rengen/Kacheri Sub-county. Kotido
The Electoral Commission—Notices ............. 483-485
The Trade Marks Act— Registration of applications 486 28. Chairperson. Kaabong Urban. Kotido District;
Advertisements ...................................................... 486 29. Woman Councillor. Kapir Sub-county, Kumi District;
30. Woman Councillor. Ngora Sub-county, Kumi District;
31. Woman Councillor, Adyel/Ojwina Sub-counties, Lira
General Notice No. 387 of 2000. 32. Chairperson. Kvvera Sub-county. Lira District;
TUE LOCAL GOVERNMENTS ACT, 1997. 33. Chairperson, Agwata Sub-county, Lira District;
3-b Councillor, Bombo T.C. Luwero District;
J Act No. 1 o f 1997. 35. Woman Councillor, Butuntumula Sub-county, Luwero
Section 120(1). District;
NOTICE. 36. Woman Councillor. Pakanyi Sub-county, Masindi District;
37. Councillor, Nkoina Ward, Mbale District;
APPOINTMENT OF NOMINATION DAYS FOR 38. Woman Councillor, Namatala Ward, Mbale District;
NOMINATION OF CANDIDATES FOR THE LOCAL 39. Woman Councillor. Bulucheke/Bumayoka/Bubiita Sub­
counties. Mbale District;
40. Chairperson. Industrial Division, Mbale District;
SPECIFIED IN THE SCHEDULE. 41. Councillor, Ruti Ward. Mbarara District:
42. Councillor, Ngarama Sub-county, Mbarara District;
N otice is hereby given that the period between 24th and
43. Councillor, Nabilatuk Sub-county. Moroto District;
25th of October. 2000 is hereby appointed the period for 44. Chairperson, Katikekile Sub-county, Moroto District;
nominations for the by-elections in the areas specified in the 45. Woman Councillor, Jangokoro Sub-county, Nebbi District;
Schedule to this Notice, from 10.00 a.m to 4.00 p.m in the 46. Woman Councillor, Bwogyera Sub-county, Ntungamo
Offices of the Returning Officers for the respective Districts. District;
47. Councillor, Kakoro Sub-county, Pallisa District;
SCHEDULE. 48. Woman Councillor, Butebo/Kibale Sub-counties, Pallisa
NOMINATIONS FOR DISTRICT CHAIRPERSON AND 49. Chairperson. Kabwangasi Sub-county, Pallisa District;
COUNCILLORS AND SUB-COUNTY/DIVISION 50. Councillor, Kamuda Sub-county. Soroti District;
51. Woman Councillor, Kobulubolu/Ochero Sub-counties, Soroti
I. District Chairperson. Sembabule District: 52. Chairperson. Western Division, Tororo District;
s 2. Councillor, Logiri Sub-county, Arua District; 53. Chairperson, Nawanjofu Sub-county, Tororo District;
A 3. Councillor. Ogoko Sub-county, Arua District: 54. Chairperson, Mugusu Sub-county. Kabarole District;
A. Cc’cnciKa:, Lobule Sub-county. Arua District, 55 Ch- imerson, Sipi Sub-county, KaDchor' -=■District:
5. Woman Councillor, Ludara Sub-county. Arua District; 56. Chairperson, Benet Sub-county, Kapchorwa District:
6. Woman Councillor. Koboko T. C. Arua District; 57. Chairperson. Tegeres Sub-county, Kapchorwa District;
7. Woman Councillor, Midia Sub-county, Arua District; 58. Chairperson. Lwamata Sub-county, Kiboga District;
8. Woman Councillor, Oluvu Sub-county, Arua District; 59. Chairperson, Ngando Sub-county, Mpigi District;
9. Woman Councillor, Bubukwango Sub-county, Bundibugyo 60. Woman Councillor. Jinja Municipality West. Jinja District;
District; 61. Councillor, Nyondo Sub-county, Kisoro District;
10. Woman Councillor, Bungatira Sub-county. Gulu District; 62. Councillor, Namugongo Sub-county. Kamuli District;
II. Woman Councillor. Lamogi Sub-countv, Gulu District; 63. Councillor, Budumba Sub-county, Tororo District; and
12. Councillor, Library Ward. Gulu District; 64. Councillor. Adekokwok Sub-county, Lira District;
13. Chairperson. Odek Sub-county. Gulu District;
14. Woman Councillor, Buyanga/Namalemba Sub-counties, NOMINATIONS FOR SUB-COUNTY/DIVISION COUNCILLORS
Iganga District;
15. Councillor, Maziba Sub-county, Kabale District; 1. Councillor, Paduny, Anaka Sub-county. Gulu District;
16. Councillor. Bubale Sub-county, Kabale District; 2. Councillor. Pangur, Alero Sub-county, Gulu District;
17. Councillor, Ikumba Sub-county, Kabale District; 3. Councillor, Panyabono. Alero Sub-county, Gulu District;
18. Woman Councillor. Kitumba Sub-county, Kabale District; 4. Councillor, Lukwor, Odeki Sub-county, Gulu District;
19. Woman Councillor, Bufundi Sub-county. Kabale District; 5. Councillor. Kulu/Amuka, Anaka Sub-county, Gulu District;
20. Woman Councillor, Kawempe South. Kampala District; 6. Woman Councillor. Iriaga. Laroo Division, Gulu District;
21. Chairperson. Makindye Division, Kampala District; 7. Councillor, Dhagusi, Malongo Sub-county, Iganga District;
22. Councillor, Mabaale Sub-county, Kibale District; 8. Woman Councillor, Ikumbya, Ikumbya Sub-county, Iganga
23. Woman Councillor, Matale/Bwamiramira/Kibale T.C, Kibale District;
District: 9. Woman Councillor, Ntayigirwa, Ikumbya Sub-county, Iganga
24. Woman Councillor, Nalweyo/Kasambya/Kakindo, Kibale District;
District; 10. - Woman Councillor, Namusisi, Nawandala Sub-county,
25. Chairperson. Mpeefu Sub-county, Kibale District; Iganga District;