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Vol. LXXXVII No. 53 25th November, 1994 Price: Shs. 500


The Companies Act-Notice....................... 245 1. Fresh Pineapples No. US 2:1992
The Uganda National Bureau of Standards-Notice 245-248
Advertisements ............................................. 248 This standard covers requirements for fresh pineapples
SUPPLEMENT (Ananas comosus L). This standard provides guidance
Statutory Instruments on the quality of pineapples from the harvesting stage
No. 262—The Judicial Service Commission (Amendment) and packaging to marketing. It also specifies provisions
Regulations, 1994. concerning quality, sizing tolerances and presentation
of the fruit to the market The standard does not include
No. 263-The Investment Code (Acquisition of Land by
^zbreign Investors) (Exemptions) Instrument, 1994. pineapples for industrial processing.
2. Fresh Avocados No. US 3:1992
General Notice No. 221 of 1994. >■
s This standard specifies requirements for fresh
(Cap. 85).
avocados (Persea americana) fruits to be supplied
NOTICE. to the consumer. This does not include avocados
Pursuant to section 20 (3) of the Companies Act notice is for industrial processing.
hereby given that Ssedaali Produce Stores Limited has by special 3. Infant Formula No. US 4 CS 72:1993
Resolution passed on 10th November, 1994 and with the
approval of the Registrar of Companies changed its name to
Kasimbi Trading Company (U) Limited and that such new name This standard applies to Infant Formula in liquid or
‘has been entered in my Register on 11th November, 1994. powdered form intended for use, where necessary, as a
substitute for human milk in meeting the normal
Dated at Kampala this 11th day of November, 1994.
nutritional requirements of infants. It also provides
JOEL COX OJUKO, a standard for formulae intended for infants with
Assistant Registrar of Companies. special nutritional requirements, except for certain
provisions which must be modified to meet those
General Notice No. 222 of 1994. special requirements.
> UGANDA NATIONAL BUREAU OF STANDARDS 4. Canned Baby Foods No. US 5 CS 73:1993
In accordance with section 18, subsection 1 of the Baby Foods are foods intended primarily for use
Uganda National Bureau of Standards Act, the National during the normal infant’s weaning period and also
Standards Council is hereby giving notice that the underlist­ for the progressive adaptation of infants and chil­
ed standards are due for recommendation to the Minister of dren to ordinary food. They may be either in ready-
Trade and Industry for declaration for compulsory applica­ to-eat form or in dry form requiring reconstruction
tion. These standards will be recommended to the Minister with water only. They do not include products cov­
in sixty (60) days from the date of this notice. ered by the Uganda standard for Infant Formula or
The National Standards Council therefore calls upon all by the Uganda Standard for Processed Cereal-
interested persons or parties likely to be affected by the Based Foods for Infants and Children.
compulsory application of such standards, to lodge objec­ 5. Whole Milk Powder, Partly Skimmed Milk
tions in writing within 21 days from the date of this notice Powder and Skimmed Milk Powder,
to the Executive Director, Uganda National Bureau of No. US 8 CS 5: 1993
Standards, P.O. Box 6329, Kampala. Scope **-
Every person who has lodged an objection shall be enti­
tled to appear before the Council. No standard specification This standard applies exclusively to dried milk
shall be declared to be compulsory until all persons who products as defined, having a fat content of not
have lodged in objections have been heard by the Council. more than 40% m/m.