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Vol. LXXXVII No. 49 4th November, 1994 Price: Shs. 500

CONTENTS PAGE 3. The place where the nomination of candidates shall take
The Constituent Assembly—Notice ........ 229 place is the office of the Returning Officer, Kalangala
The Advocates Act—Notice................................. 230 District, who is the DES for Kalangala District.
Advertisements ..................................................... 230 4. Every person wishing to be nominated as a candidate,
(a) shall submit to the Returning Officer a Nomination
SUPPLEMENTS Paper in Form NP which may be collected from
Statute the office of the Returning Officer or from the
No. 15—The Uganda Tourist Board Statute, 1994. ommission for the Constituent Assembly, Ruth
BUI Towers before nomination days; and
No. 20—The Interim Electoral Commission Bill, 1994. (b) shall submit to the Returning Officer a copy of
Form DQ (Declaration of Qualificaations) duly
Statutory Instruments
sworn before a Commissioner for oaths. Form
No. 259—The Investment Code (Amendment of Second
DQ may also be collected from the office of
and Third Schedules) Instrument, 1994.
the Returning Officer Kalangala, or from the
Commission of the Constituent Assembly, Ruth
General Notice No. 214 of 1994. Towers before nomination days;

5. The nomination of every candidate—
NOTICE. (a) shall be proposed by two registered voters of
Kyamuswa Electoral Area and who normally
(under Section 28 of the Statute and Rule 7 of the
reside in that Electoral Area;
Constituent Assembly Election Rules).
(b) shall be supported by ten registered voters of
Kyamuswa Electoral Area and who normally
reside in that Electoral Area;
DECLARATION OF NOMINATION DAYS. (c) shall be accompanied by a fee of one hundred
thousand shillings payable in cash or bankdraft to
Whereas the delegate for Kyamuswa Electoral Area, Uganda Administration; and
Kalangala District the late Honourable Sam Ssemaala (d) shall be accompanied by three passport size pho­
Kirundu Kimize Kiwanuka died on Friday, 14th October, tographs of the person seeking nomination.
1994; However, the picture of each aspiring candidate
copies of which the contending candidate shall
And whereas the Minister of State for submit to the Returning Officer, shall be taken by
Constitutional Affairs has, on Monday 4th Friday, the Returning Officer immediately prior to the
November 1994, issued a Writ requiring the nomination process.
Commissioner for the Constituent Assembly to take
appropriate steps for a by-election to take place in
6. The Returning Officer shall design a programme of
Kyamuswa Electoral Area in order to fill the vacancy
Candidates Meetings, so that one Candidates Meeting takes
now therefore:
place in each of the eight parishes of Kyamuswa Electoral
1. In accordance with sub-rule (1) of rule 7 of the Area between Saturday 12th November, 1994 and Sunday
Constituent Assembly Statute, 1994,1 declare Monday 20th November, 1994.
7th and Tuesday 8th November. 1994, Nomination days for
candidates for the by-election to take place in Kyamuswa Issued at Kampala this 3rd day of November, 1994.
Electoral Area, Kalangala District.
2. Every person aspiring to be a candidate for the by-elec­
tion shall tender his/her nomination paper to the Returning STEPHEN B. AKABWAY,
Officer on any of those two days between the hours of 10.00 Commissioner for the Constituent Assembly.
a.m. and 4.00 p.m. (T.9. '