Uganda Government Gazette dated 1994-02-18 number 7

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Vol. LXXXV1I No. 7 18th February, 1994 Price: Shs. 500

i (73) Name of applicant—Pepsico, Inc.
CONTENTS Page | (77) Address—700 Anderson Hill Road, Purchase,
The Trade Marks Act—Registration of New York 10577, U.S.A.
.applications 25-27 ! (74)
Advertisements 27-28 C/o M/s. Hunter & Greig, Advocates, P.O.
Box .7026, Kampala.
Statute (22) Date of filing...application—24th August, 1992.

Statute No. 1—The Cotton Development Statute, 1994. Application No. 17904 in Part “A”.
(52) Class 29 (Schedule III).

General Notice No. 35 of 1994. (54)

(Cap. 83).
xNotice is hereby given that any person who has
grounds to oppose the registration of any of the marks
advertised herein may within sixty days from the date
of this Gazette, lodge a Notice of opposition on Trade
Mark Form No. 6 together with a fee of Shs. 4,000
in case of National applicants or US$ 250 in case of
foreign applicants. The period of lodging Notice of
opposition may be extended in suitable cases by the
Registrar as he thinks fit upon such terms as he may
direct. Formal opposition should not be lodged until
after reasonable notice has been given by letter to the
applicant so that he may have an opportunity to with­
draw his application before the expense of opposition
proceedings is incurred. Failure to give such notice will
be taken into account in considering any application
by the opponent for an order for costs if the opposition
is uncontested by the applicant. Representations of
the marks herein advertised can be inspected at the
Office of the Registrar of Trade Marks, Parliamentary
Buildings, P.O. Box 7151, Kampala.
(21) Application No. 17676 in Part “A”.
(52) Class 32 (Schedule III). (59) Restriction to Colours—This is a series of two
marks forming a single trademark where the
(54) first mark in the series is limited to the colours ,
blue, red and white. ‘ ;■

« (57) Nature of goods—Meat, fish, poultry and game;”
meat extracts; preserved, dried and cooked
fruits and vegetables; jellies, jams, fruit pre­
serves; eggs, milk and milk products; edible
oils and fats.
(73) Name of applicant—Tetra Laval Holdings &
Finance S.A.
(59) (77) Address—Avenue General-Guisan 70, CH-1009
(64) Association—To be associated with T.M. Nos. Pully, Switzerland.
.... 17673, 13957 and 13958. .
(74) C/o M/s. Sengendo & Co., Advocates, P.O.
(57) Nature of goods—Non-Alcoholic beverages, sy­ , Box 6914, Kampala. ,<
rups, concentrates and other ingredients used
'' in the preparation of such beverages. (22) Date of filing application—7th July, 1993.