Uganda Government Gazette dated 1993-04-30 number 18

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Vol. LXXXVI No. 18 3Cth April, 1993 Price: Shs. 500

CONTENTS Page (a) Make re re University;
(Z>) Mbarara University of Science and Technology;
The Income Tax Decree—Notice ... ' ... 61
(c) Islamic University in Uganda;
The Advocates Act—Notices ... 61-62
(J) Uganda Martyrs Catholic University, Nkozi;
The Trade Marks Act—Registration (e) Institute of Teachers Education, Kyambogo;
of applications ... ••• 62
(/) Uganda Polytechnic, Kyambogo;
Advertisements ... ••• ••• 63-64
(g) National School of Business Studies, Nakawa;
SUPPLEMENTS (A) Eastern African Christian University, Ndejje;
(z) Agakhan Foundation, Uganda.
Statutory Instruments
2. The allowable deduction shall not exceed: —
S.I. No. 8 of 1993—The Traffic and Road Safety
(a) The equivalent of US $100,000 per annum in
(Speed of Motor Vehicles) (Exemption) Order.
the agreement in the case of donations made
S.I. No. 9 of 1993—The Traffic and Road Safety by the following Companies affiliated to the
(Registration Plates) Regulations. Agakhan Development Network (i.e.): —
S.I. No. 10 of 1993—The Commercial Transaction (i) Jubilee Insurance Company Limited.
(ii) Diamond Trust Investment Trust (Uga­
nda) Limited.
(iii) Diamond Trust Properties (Uganda)
Statute No. 1—The Finance Statute, 1993. Limited to the Agakhan Foundation
Statute No. 2—The National Youth Council, Statute (Uganda) over a period of 5 years
1993. from the date of this notice.
k Statute No. 3—The National Womens Council Statute (b) In the case of any other person donating to
1993. any of the Institutions listed in paragraph (1)
of this notice, the amount as approved by the
Commissioner- General.
Dated at Kampala this 30th day of March, 1993.
Commissioner-General, Uganda Revenue Authority.
The Permanent Secretary/Head of Civil Service
Ministry of Public Service, regrets to announce the
death of Mr. Patrick Mpiira, formerly Principal Engi­
neering Instructor in the Ministry of Works, Transport General Notice No. 73 of 1993.
and Communications which occurred on 31st December,
1992 at his home in Iganga District THE ADVOCATES ACT.
General Notice No. 72 of 1993.
It is hereby notified that a Petition has been pre­
UGANDA REVENUE AUTHORITY sented to the Hon. the Chief Justice by M. Namutebi
THE INCOME TAX DECREE No. 1 OF 1974. who is stated to be a holder of a Bachelor of Laws
Degree of Makerere University, Kampala, and a Diploma
NOTICE. in Legal practice awarded to her by the Law Develop-
Pursuant to the provisions of paragraph (h) of sub­ ! ment Centre, Kampala for entry of her name on the Roll
section 3 of section 14 of the Income Tax Decree, 1974 of Advocates for Uganda.
notice is hereby given that—
1. Donations to the following institutions shall be Chief Registrar.
allowable deductions for Income Tax purposes to the Kampala,
extent specified in paragraph (2) of this notice— 13 th April 1993.