Monitor Publications Ltd v Ricky Nelson Asiimwe [2017] UGSC 72 (30 March 2017)

Delict and Tort Law|Defamation
Case summary
From the evidence that was on record, the court found that the only evidence that there was no evidence that the appellant conspired with two others to steal. The only evidence was that the appellant had failed to record the items in the register book, which the court found insufficient to prove conspiracy to steal, rather neglect of duty. In the result, the defense of justification could not stand as the appellant had failed to prove the subject matter in the case.   With regard to damages, the appellant argued that the respondent was not entitled to any as he already had a poor reputation at work. The court found that the respondent was entitled to damages for his reputation, and considering the gravity of the allegations, which portrayed him as a thief and untrustworthy.   Accordingly, the appeal failed and was thereby dismissed with costs.

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