Uganda v Bawalane (Criminal Session Case No. 24 of 1993) [1994] UGHCCRD 8 (9 December 1994)

Criminal law
Case summary
Prosecution is to prove beyond reasonable doubt that: The age of the victim was proved to be 14 years and basing On the medical report, court held that sexual intercourse took place and the girl was about six weeks pregnant. On whether the accused was directly involved, court based on the confession of the accused where he had narrated the details of the events and the months which coincided with the medical report and held that it was the accused person who directly had the sexual intercourse with the victim. On the issue of a repudiated confession, court considered the fact that the accused was cautioned and charged before making the statement and the held that though it does not need corroboration, an offence of sexual nature need to be corroborated. Court held that the medical report was sufficient corroboration as to the time of the intercourse.

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