Uganda v Etidu (Criminal Session Case No. 235 of 1993) [1994] UGHCCRD 34 (28 April 1994)

Criminal law|Evidence Law
Case summary
Court held that a conviction sufficed even in the absence of corroboration. That the victim had clearly identified the accused through the bright moonlight as she knew him before the incident. She had ample time with the him before, during and after the incident. He had talked to her after the incident. Also, court relied on the evidence that the attack had been reported to and had been confirmed. There was the evidence of the banana leaves at the scene of the crime that matched the victim’s narrative. There were also footprints that marked the missing toe on the right foot of the accused. Additionally, the medical report of gonorrhoea which was found to be one month and below was found to be corroborative evidence.

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