Kiingi & 2 ors v Thabit & Brothers Hides & Skins (CIVIL APPEAL NO. 6 OF 1992) [1992] UGHCCD 3 (12 May 1992)

Civil Procedure|Appeals and reviews|Injunction
Case summary
As regards ground one, the court found that there was no immediate threat of lose or disposal of the suit premises. No evidence had been adduced to show that there existed any special circumstance that could justify issuance of an injunction.   As regards the second ground, court found that the trail magistrate had relied on information received from court broker, that the appellants had removed some skins and hides from the store. It was on the basis of that information that the trail magistrate gave orders that the skins and hides be sold and the proceeds deposited in court.   The court therefore found the order to be ultra vires and it was therefore set aside.   The appeal was accordingly allowed.

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