Ntambala Vs Uganda (Criminal Appeal No. 34 of 2015) [2018] UGCA 83 (18 January 2018)

Criminal law|Evidence Law
Case summary
The ground of appeal is that there was improper evaluation of evidence. The court held that it is only in the clearest of cases when the 1st appellate court has not satisfactorily re- evaluated the evidence that a 2nd appellate court would interfere with the decision of the 1st appellate court. That the draconian law that requires corroboration of evidence of the victim in sexual offences portrays women as liars and untruthful. That the evidence of a victim in a sexual offence must be treated and evaluated in the same manner as the evidence of a victim of any other offence. As it is in other cases, the test to be applied to such evidence is that it must be cogent.

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