2nd L.T. Ogwang Vs Uganda (Criminal Appeal Number 107 of 2013) [2018] UGCA 82 (8 November 2018)

Constitutional Law|Criminal law|Human Rights|Have his cause heard (fair trial)
Case summary
The court held that under article 120, the respondent has the obligation to appear in cases of this nature and that the argument that there is no law regulating the conduct of this appeal falls because the Court Martial Court rules provides to the effect that the appeals shall lie to the Court of Appeal and the Supreme court being the final appeal. That the matter was validly before the court. That the the trial was flawed since there was no coram and a member of the bench had participated in the trial hence flawing the trial. That the trial of the appellant in the court martial for offences not service in nature was unconstitutional and overruled.

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