Chandi Jamwa v Uganda (Criminal Appeal No. 77 of 2011) [2018] UGCA 1 (15 January 2018)

Criminal law
Case summary
The court considered the category of institutions to which financial loss is caused and observed that insurance companies and public bodies are not included but the section did not use the word “and” but instead commas and under ejusdem jeneris the list was not exhaustive and that construing the section otherwise would create an absurdity in the law. The 2 nd ground of appeal was that prosecution had not proved knowledge or reason to believe that his acts would cause financial loss. The court observed that the sale of bonds by the appellant before their maturity date would cause financial loss which fact the appellant was well aware according to the evidence of two letters he wrote to the purchasing bank. The court observed that unlike abuse of office, causing financial loss does not require proof of an arbitrary act hence acting against policy need not be proved. The appeal was thereby dismissed

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