Amoru & Anor Vs Okello (Election Petition Appeal No. 39 & 95 of 2016) [2017] UGCA 19 (28 August 2017)

Appeals and reviews
Case summary
Court held that the trial judge had erred in basing his decision to nullify the election on the basis of uncorroborated bribery claims. Court added that the trial judge ought to have received independent corroboration before reaching a decision. Court also considered whether the trial judge was right in holding that the exclusion of votes from one of the polling stations affected the elections. Court disagreed with the trial judge; court held that the vote difference of 24 votes between the parties did not substantially affect the result of the election. The total votes difference could not be settled by the excluded polling station alone. Court accordingly set aside the decision and orders of the trial judge and declared the 1 st appellant as validly elected.

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