Land in Buganda (Provisional Certificates) Act

Chapter 228


Land in Buganda (Provisional Certificates) Act

Chapter 228

  • Commenced on 31 May 1922
  • [This is the version of this document at 31 December 2000.]
  • [Note: The version of the Act as at 31 December 2000 was revised and consolidated by the Law Reform Commission of Uganda. All subsequent amendments have been researched and applied by Laws.Africa for ULII.]
An Act relating to land in Buganda (Provisional Certificates).

1. Copies of provisional certificates to be filed

Copies of provisional certificates of claims issued under the Uganda Agreement, 1900, to land owners in Buganda shall be filed in the department of lands and surveys of the Government, and those copies shall, at such times as the commissioner for lands and surveys may direct, be open to be searched and examined by any applicant, and certified copies or extracts therefrom may be obtained on application to the commissioner for lands and surveys upon payment of the prescribed fee.

2. Fees for copies

The fee payable for a certified copy of or extract from any provisional certificate under section 1 shall be eight shillings; but that fee may be varied by the President by rules made under this Act.

3. Rules

The President may make rules for carrying out the purposes and provisions of this Act.
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History of this document

31 December 2000 this version
31 May 1922