Minerals (Prohibition of Exportation) Act


Minerals (Prohibition of Exportation) Act

Chapter 147

  • Published
  • Commenced on 25 February 1975
  • [This is the version of this document at 31 December 2000.]
  • [Note: The version of the Act as at 31 December 2000 was revised and consolidated by the Law Reform Commission of Uganda. All subsequent amendments have been researched and applied by Laws.Africa for ULII.]
An Act to prohibit the exportation of certain minerals from Uganda.

1. Interpretation

"Minister" means the Minister to whom functions under this Act are assigned.

2. Prohibition of export of minerals

(1)There is prohibited the exportation from Uganda of any mineral specified in the Schedule to this Act, hereafter referred to as a "scheduled mineral", without the licence of the Minister.
(2)The Minister may, by statutory order, amend the Schedule to this Act.

3. Application of Act

Section 2 shall have effect without prejudice to any written law providing for any similar condition under which any scheduled mineral may be exported from Uganda.

(Section 2)

Scheduled mineral

Copper, whether unwrought or otherwise.
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History of this document

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25 February 1975